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Brimstone Magical Properties: Hex Break, Power, Protection, Cursing, Hexing

Element: Fire
Planet: Mars

Brimstone, known today as Sulfur/Sulphur, is an old powerful ingredient that has its own Alchemical symbol attached to it.
Sulphur is powerful enough to break a hex, a curse or destroy an enemies power over you. However, there is an opposite dark side! Due to its old roots within magic, it can be a powerful and dangerous ingredient used for cursing and casting hex spells.

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Use with caution. Do NOT ingest.
This is considered poisonous. Do NOT use if pregnant or breastfeeding. Do NOT use around animals or children. If you are intending to burn this powder or mix into an incense, burn in a well ventilated space.

For magical handmade spell oils using the homegrown enchanted herbs, click HERE. Or click HERE for pure, herbal Spell Powders.

There are a vast number of ways to use dried herbs, such as; creating tinctures, perfume oils, tea mixtures, spell bottles, magical sachets, incense and many more. Dried herbs are perfect for creating infused oils and room freshener.

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