Brass Cauldron, Mini


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This spectacular mini 7 cm brass cauldron is a symbol of great power to all who practice magic. It’s golden brass exterior looks stunning in any room it is in and has a multitude of uses!

This embossed Celtic inspired brass cauldron sits on tripod legs and includes a metal handle, making it the perfect cauldron for the travelling witch!

A sturdy cauldron is ideal for burning incense (resin and herbs) over hot charcoals or for burning candles. Alternatively, fill the cauldron up with herbs and liquids for a brew or to simply release a beautiful dance of aromas.
Always use caution with open flame or anything burning. Handle with care as the cauldron will get hot during use, this includes the burning of small cone incense.

You can find the best burning charcoal HERE in Sorcerous Sundries.

A cauldron is not only a versatile witches’ tool, it is also grand in symbolic power. Conjure new life into the world from the cauldrons womb, or drown out the flame from one’s negativity with water held in the vessel. Alternatively, use the cauldron as a centre piece on your altar and allow your mind to drift off into creativity.

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