Black Witch’s Broom


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This Witch’s Broom is a mini magical tool with black cordage that everyone should have! It has been left plain so that charms, talismans, coloured cords and other enchanted objects can be attached. Attach red cords and heart charms to sweep in loving energy into your scared space. Dust the black wood witch’s broom with magical powders to change and refresh the magic of the broom.

I like to keep one upon my altar to cleanse any energy left over from previous spell or divination work before I begin weaving my new magic!

These Witches’ Brooms are the magical creation of Esmeralda the Local Hag, found right here in South Australia!

A Witch’s broom is not for sweeping up physical debris. This will undo its powerful clearing magic and you’ll have a mundane cleaning broom for boring ol cleaning!

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A Witch’s Broom is a magical item that everyone associates with the word Witch. These brooms, like most witches’ brooms, are not for flying but for cleaning and shifting energy within an area or object! Think of a witch’s broom for the ultimate tool for removing unwanted energy, shooing away spirits and cleansing away negative spells!

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