Black Spell Salt

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Allow the powerful magic of this black spell salt to absorb and contain negative energies that would do you harm. Use to help remove and contain those negative emotions from a horrible break up. Or, put some black salt in a sachet at the work place to ease customer abuse and to make sure that negativity doesn’t follow you home. Too much negativity can crush ones spirit!

Once the negative energy has been absorbed, either get rid of the salt, far away from yourself or use it for nefarious purposes.

Use Black Spell Salt for Absorbing Negative Energy, Hexing, Cursing, Protection and Releasing Emotions

Ritual Spell Salts are not for bathing or consumption and contain all natural flowers, roots, herbs and sea salt. Colour of black salt will vary as it contains no added colours.
If you are looking for spell salts to use in the bath, head over to the Spell Bath page.

Use ritual spell salts for cleansing, casting circles, magical sachets, floor washes, spell bottles and potpourri mixes. Always make sure to dispose of your used salt; either back to the earth or the sea and away from your home.

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