Beltaine Mists Facial Toner


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Beltaine Mists is a magically natural red face toner that leaves skin feeling soft and plump for the day a head!

Like most things in the shop, Beltaine Mists is a seasonal offering. I am a little greedy and keep most of the batch myself so I have enough to last me till next season. As the name suggests, this offering will be back in stock around or just after Beltaine. It all depends on how the magical garden is growing!

Now, I do have sensitive skin that can be both dry and oily at the same time. Personally I use this potion every second day, in the morning after washing my face and then follow it up with my usual moisturiser. Or if I’ve been out in the dirt all day I’ll wash my face, use this toner and then follow it all up with a facial oil massage. Love Magic or Diviner’s Veil is perfect for this!

This version does contain 10% alcohol, along with a very small amount of preservatives to ensure stability and prevent bacterial growth.
Toner is naturally red and may stain white material

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