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This Banish spell bag is a little different to the others as you need to throw this one out once the negativity has been absorbed. I find these little bags perfect for the working environment or office. It will absorb that draining, life sucking energy that would usually latch onto you for the day until you awake the next day.
Yourself, kids or someone you know having nightmares? Place this bag right under the pillow!
The possibilities for banishing are endless!

Place a Banish spell bag within a room where an unpleasant situation has occurred.

Once you dedicate a spell bag to yourself or another, it is important that only yourself or the person it is dedicated to uses it. Like many magical object and tools, if it is handle by more than one person, the magic won’t be as affected and will ne to be remade.

To undo the magic contained within, simply untie the knots and empty out the contents (must include the bag and charm with this one) into a bin or bury within the earth.

All Spell Bags contain salt, herbs, crystals and essential oils all magically inline with the spells purpose.

Not sure on how to use an item or want to learn the basics? Click HERE to view the witchcraft guides blog.

Every item that you surround yourself with should bring you inspiration and happiness. As both emotions are just a stepping stones to letting your creative magic flow free and wild. Items aren’t just material objects, they hold their own magic and any other magic you enchant them with!

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