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Ars Magica, the art of magic, is a monthly subscription box dedicated to helping you learn the ropes of magic one step at a time! Think of each box as a specific lesson to learn for the month. Get as comfortable as you possibly can with that subject before the next one. The idea of these boxes is to follow the 90s magazine “build your own” subscriptions, as they were so much fun!

The monthly Ars Magica subscription box will take you on a journey of magical knowledge. Teaching you the very basics, all the way through to creating your own herbal potions based on celestial timings. So if you were a fan of the big Fire Festival spell boxes, I promise you won’t be disappointed with these smaller monthly boxes!

You can sign up or cancel at any time, there is no obligation, and payment is via PayPal Credit. Afterpay is not available for subscriptions.

No items are customisable, everyone gets the same thing.

This subscription box is for Australia only. Includes shipping price in the cost.

Not sure on how to use an item or want to learn the basics? Click HERE to view various witchcraft articles and guides!

This monthly spell box is a great gift idea for any new or intermediate Spell Caster. Parental supervision maybe required for younger people. Follow the directions written on the spell scroll. Keep your intention clear and focused when weaving your magic, as this allows the universe to hear and receive your strongest intent.

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