Apprentice Monthly Subscription

$5.50 / month

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The Apprentice monthly subscription gives you access to a range of things and helps support Sorcerous Sundries to grow. This membership is all about early access to content, recipes, having a little sneak peek into an Aussie witch’s life and learn a different way of magic.

With the Apprentice monthly subscription, you will gain the following:

  • Access to limited blog posts
  • Early access to videos on Youtube
  • Limited access to the Inner Circle forum(coming soon)
  • Priority in divination readings, spell work and suggestions

You will need to log in to your customer account or create a customer account in order to subscribe and gain the benefits.

Thank you so very much for choosing to support Sorcerous Sundries!

You can sign up or cancel at any time, there is no obligation, and payment is via PayPal Credit. Afterpay is not available for subscriptions.
This subscription will renew on the same date of the next month, each month.

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Monthly subscriptions are a way to help support Sorcerous Sundries in growing and creating content for all witches to enjoy. Trying to find information about magic within the Southern Hemisphere is difficult and takes a very long time to learn! So to be able to share magical knowledge and create content that everyone wants to see is in itself, magic!

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