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A 3 card tarot reading is a quick way to get an answer to your burning question. This reading is better suited for questions that are occurring soon.

Ask, what’s in store for the next week of your Love life? What obstacles may arise and what path can you take to over come them? What brings the relationship together and what needs attention?
Tarot is a powerful and helpful way to see the journey a head and what possible path to take. And the more specific, the better the answer!

Simply fill in your question with as much detail as possible, along with your date of birth and time (if you know it). If the question is about love, you may want to add in the other persons date of birth.

This reading is for one question only.

Tarot readings are messages from current energies. Showing you options, paths and possible outcomes if you continue down your current path. This can give you insight on how you can change your path in your favour or accept the read for what it is and change nothing.

3 card tarot reading will be via email with a photo of the three chosen cards. A short paragraph will follow the picture explaining the cards meaning. Please allow up to 3 business days for your reading via email.
It is policy to never predict names, exact numbers or days, death and illness, infertility, and legal matter outcomes. No refunds if you do not like the outcome or change your mind.

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Is this person right for me?, How can I find love?, How can I ignite the spark again?, How can I Trust again & Move on?, How can I Move past my obstacle?, What should I keep in Mind this Week?, What should I keep in Mind this Month?, What role do I play in this persons Life?


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