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Winter Solstice Magic

The Australian winter solstice has a different call of magic. We don’t really have snow and some of us don’t have frosty mornings at this time but it still marks the lengthening of days. The Sun starts to rise a little earlier and set a little later, and warmth and life begins to return to the area (just not in my area). 

I want to share some ideas with you to celebrate the Winter Solstice here in Australia that I personally enjoy. I think the preparation for the winter solstice and the weaving of Fire magic is more exciting than the day itself. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy this magical time of year. The Winter Solstice is one of my favourite celebrations in the year!

Making the home and hearth as comfy and cosy as possible, with the faint aroma of hearty foods and citrus and spice in the air from mulled wine. And let’s not forget the light from the many burning candles and the heat from the roaring fire. 

Here’s some ideas to celebrate the Australian winter solstice in a practical and easy way. The best part is, if you’re still “in the broom closet” none of the following ideas will give away your magical secret!

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Ways to Celebrate the Australian Winter Solstice

Partake in a Fire Ritual

Druids (or Pagans) began the lighting of fires to conquer the darkness and bring in abundance for the coming year. In some cultures, a Yule log is used for the homes hearth or for the bonfires in modern celebration of Yule. For a winter solstice fire ritual in Australia, use hardy gum woods like Eucalyptus. Not only does it burn for a long time but it contains magics of healing, protection and cleansing.

Celebrate by Candlelight

Light candles, of any kind, to symbolise the lengthening of days and the Suns return. Use the light to celebrate love and life returning to the earth after the cold winter. Or use the candle light to reveal the hidden aspect of yourself, your shadow self, and acknowledge the darkness that needs to be released. Find your inner light and emerge out of the dark with newfound inner wisdom and strength.

Winter Solstice Aromatherapy

During the colder months, all and any heat is a welcomed feeling. With candles and fires lit, why not invoke the energy of the Sun with the magic of scent? Mix together warming essential oils for a wintery oil blend and slowly warm them in an oil burner/warmer. Alternatively, heat a mixture of the Sun’s herbs in a cauldron for a warming simmer pot. Herbs of Orange, Mandarin, Lime, Juniper, Cinnamon and Rosemary are my gotos for a Midwinter cleanse.

Decorate Your Sacred Space

Let your creative energy flow and decorate your home with items that welcome back the Sun. I would say deck the halls with Holly but we don’t really do that here in Australia. So instead of bringing Holly into the home, bring in some Australian winter magic by finding seasonal foliage for your altar, popping up some gum nuts, dried citrus, sticks, ribbons, and whatever is calling to you. 

Watch the Sun Rise

One simple little ritual that has been performed (and documented) for centuries is watching the Sun rise. It’s a simple way for honouring the return of the Sun’s light and the lengthening of days to come. The best part is, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home! Sit by the window and let the Sun’s rays revive your spirit and energise any offerings or tools you have laid out.

Celebrate Winter Your Way

When it comes to the winter solstice and its magic, there’s no “one way” to celebrate it. Some Australian Wiccans and Pagans celebrate Yule during the winter solstice. For me, I celebrate the Winter Solstice in my own way, as a Midwinter festival day. Most of these ways to celebrate the Winter Solstice are incorporated into the festive day, making the home comfy and warm for the family. Try incorporating some of these little rituals into your Winter Solstice day and feel the change in energy!

Many Blessings,
Sorcerous Sundries

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