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New Website Coming

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Well, Sort of

With the monthly spell box coming along and memberships, this shops website needs a new home page and a little facelift. I can’t remember the last time this website had a big change to the layout or look. Which is odd as I am someone that changes and updates things frequently. This is something that needs to be done though as I am at that stage of frustration since nothing has changed in so long. So here’s a quick little run down of what to expect!

Aim of the Change

It really comes down to growth. This little shop as grown so much that there’s not enough space that is neat and easy to find. These updates will happen slowly with the updates already happening to the navigation menu. You can already see categories merge or change and with some new ones added.

Since the menu and categories are already getting done, next up will be the blogs. I love writing little posts, how to’s and lessons, but they’re really hard to find on this site. So soon the blog will be easier to find and navigate.

Next will be free resources, downloads and an easier way for Inner Circle members to access their resources.

Unfortunately, there are some things that will be put on the back burner until everything else is sorted as it requires programming, or the purchase of premade programs that we just don’t have time to figure out right now.

Keep an Eye Out!

Over the next month you’ll see many many new items, features and updates as this store continues to grow. We are trying our best to keep things simple, easy to navigate and use as we know how frustrating technology and programs can be! Some categories will merge since I will be reducing online stock, like the spell powders now with the flying ointments. Some things, like services, have expanded and will continue to expand over the year. So try not to freak out if an entire category is missing, it will be with something else!

As always, when something big is happening, a newsletter will go out. However, I am hoping that doing these small changes over time will aid in the transition of the new look and feel!

So when I say a new website is coming, what I really mean is, it’s getting well needed make over and facelift.

Oh, also, book reviews are coming very very soon. I have read too many books in the last 4 weeks while sick. I’ve sorted the good from the bad and now it’s time to share so you can make informed purchases instead of wasting money on something that may not be for you!

Many Blessings,
Sorcerous Sundries

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