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Uses For Crystals

How do you use your crystals?

There a many uses for crystals, some you may not even think about. Do you crush your crystals into powder or do you leave them on your altar? Ill try to list the many ways i use crystals throughout my craft and where some crystals are hiding in my offerings!

The many uses for crystals

It may seem like a waste but crushing your crystals to a powder and adding it to your spell powders and candles is an amazing way to empower items with the crystals properties.

As mentioned in Programming Crystals, you can program/charge your stone with intent and carry it with you. That way you’re carrying not only the stones amazing magic, but your own magic stored within the stone!

Another easy way to carry the magic held within a crystal is to wear jewellery. This way you’ll be carrying the magic around in style, with the added magic of the metal its attached to or bound by.

Everyone loves oils, why not add your crystals to oil. Further empower your spell oils or essential oils by adding the magic of your crystal!
*Always make sure the crystal is safe for moisture, as some crystals can be destroyed or serdamaged by moisture.

Ritual bath salts are a great way to empower ones self before weaving their magic, why not further empower your bath by adding the biggest of your magical crystals to the water! Add obelisk crystal pillars around the outside of your bath or lock in the energy

Add your crystals to dream pillows, spell and mojo bags. Charge your crystal and herbs you wish to use and conjure up one powerful sachet!

Make crystal elixirs by adding a type of crystal or many crystals to magical water under a full moon. These can then be drunk to be empower internally. Alternatively, you can add these elixirs to your oil burner, bath water or floor wash

Use a single stone related to a chakra for healing. Lay down with the crystal on top of the chakra to align and balance

Crystals hidden around the garden and home

Bury crystals charged with your magic when potting a new plant. Not only are you returning earths gift back to the earth, but you’ve empowered the plant or tree that was planted

Place sun loving crystals near your window to energies and recharge them whilst drawing prosperity and wealth into your home

Having trouble sleeping or need protection from nightmares? Place loving and calming crystals under your bed or on the bed head board.under the bed they’re hidden yet they draw the bad energies away from you. Just remember to cleanse and recharge them!

Place a big clear quartz next to plants you want to heal or grow stronger

Hide crystals of protection around door ways, under stairs and each corner of your home. Once again, remember to cleanse and recharage these stones.

Please DO NOT place crytsals in your car or motorbike. This is extremely dangerous!

Crystals are earths precious bounty

Always treat your crystals with care and remember that these precious stones come from the earth. There’s no harm in ever returning a crystal back to the earth. And always take a good look at the supplier, are they ethically harvesting earths bounty? Or has the crystal be ripped out in the name of greed?

Many Blessings,
Sorcerous Sundries

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