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Smokey Quartz Magic

Smokey Quartz for clarity and transformation magic!

smokey quartz magic, australian witchcraft supplies, free witchcraft spells, adelaide witchcraft store, witchcraft blog, spellbox, adelaide tarot reader, online tarot, wholesale witchcraft, witchcraft shopThe thing I love most about the magic of Smokey Quartz is it’s ability to transform negative emotions. This transforming of emotions also continues on to your dream state, protecting you from nightmares. Making it a great crystal so keep within your child’s room, or even your own, under the bed. Alternatively, pop a piece of smokey Quartz by your front door for protection magic. It will absorb any negative emotion coming through, just remember to cleanse it daily!

Smokey quartz is a powerful stone of grounding energy. It is soul soothing, relaxing and makes a great focal point for all mediation. Meditating with this wonderful crystal calms down racing thoughts, making room for optimism and increasing clarity. This clarity aids in opening up new pathways of communication between friends, family and lovers. So if you find yourself having communication issues with your partner, place a piece of Smokey Quartz on each point of the bed. This should ease tensions and make it easier to achieve a peaceful conversation. It also has the power to balance out sexual energy, so a piece should be in everyone’s room!

Due to the shadowy nature of this crystal, it’s wonderful to use during the time of Samhain or to honour the darker gods and goddesses.

Properties and Associations

Magical Properties: Grounding, Mental Clarity, Banishes Negative Emotion, Protection
Chakra: Root
Element: Earth
Planet: Saturn

Care and Cleansing

Like all crystals it’s best to clean Smokey Quartz after every use to remove the negative energy. This can be done with various purification herbs or incense. Burning these herbs releases purifying energies from the smoke that you then move your crystal through.
Another great way to cleanse this crystal is to leave out in the moonlight or to rinse it salt water. Remember, this crystal absorbs a great amount of negativity and should never be used without cleansing it first.

Many Blessings,
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