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Programming Crystals

You can program crystals?

As tools for the higher consciousness, programming crystals is particularly effective. Programmed crystals vibrate in harmony with human energy, becoming powerful aids for manifesting desires. However, some refer to this process as “dedication” or “empowering”.

You can program crystals for almost anything. Such as, increasing your intuitive powers, healing, love or increasing wealth. You can even program some crystals into helping you achieve a specific goal, such as getting a new job, home or starting a family.

Think of programmed crystals as beautiful little power houses of contained magic!

Programming Crystals

Programming a crystal requires you to concentrate your own thoughts into the crystal. The energy is then directed along with your own to help you manifest your intentions. So, before programming any crystal, it is important to cleanse each crystal for your intended goal.

Then, hold the crystal in your right hand and place that hand into your left. Concentrate and visualise your intended goal, imagine it being projected into the crystal. Whisper or speak your intention on to the crystal, as the spoken word is another powerful tool. During this part, remember to to include as many details as possible. Like the date, time, year, location, names of lovers, friends or family and how much you want this goal to happen.

When you’ve completed programming your crystals, put the crystals in a pouch, purse or your pocket and keep it close by. Keeping the crystal close by, it will allow the constant vibrating energies of your goal to constantly remain active until cleansed.

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