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Green Aventurine Magic

Green Aventurine for a life adventure And magic!

green aventurine magic, australian witchcraft blog, adelaide witchcraft store, free witchcraft spells, australian witchcraft supplies, adelaide tarot reader, online tarot, crystal magic,The magic of Green Aventurine is something that everyone should experience! A crystal of great harmony and balance, one that’s good to keep on ones self if you suffer from anxiety. In saying that, it’s also a great tamer of rage and explosive emotion. If you find a big chunk of green adventure, place it within a space that arguments occur.

Sometimes called “Indian Jade” or the “stone of heaven,” Green Aventurine is like the “good luck shamrock of the mineral kingdom”. Due to the powerful magic of good luck, pop this stone into your charm/spell bags or near your money to draw in good fortune and money.
This wonderful crystal is a good source of Earth energy, try to incorporate it when calling upon the element of Earth. Due to the strong connection with Earth energy, hold a piece of green Aventurine in the opposite hand when divining with a pendulum.

Alternatively, this crystal makes a great offering to leave for all entities of Nature! Bury next to a great old tree or leave it within the garden to appease the Fae. If you really wanted to, leave the crystal within a park or somewhere green for another person to experience its wonderful magic.

Properties and Associations

Magical Properties: Healing, Abundance, Luck, Opportunity and Harmony
Chakra: Heart
Element: Earth
Planet: Mercury

This stone is also an anniversary crystal for the 8th year of marriage!

Care and Cleansing

Like all crystals it’s best to clean Green Aventurine after every use, to keep the luck And good fortune going. This can be done with various purification herbs or incense. Another great way to cleanse this crystal is to leave it in the garden next to a Bay tree.

I hope this little snippet of info changes your mind about Green Aventurine and how truly wonderful it is.

Many Blessings,
Sorcerous Sundries

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