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FREE shipping on all orders over $150 within Australia

Carnelian Magic

Carnelian for motivation, force and fiery passion magic!

A stone of Fire, passion, energy and fortitude, the magic of Carnelian is for all humans, not just witches. It helps you to move forward in life after stressful or traumatic situations. This much needed push forward in life gives you the courage and strength to stand up for yourself and set firm boundaries. These firm boundaries and new found strength lead to a world of confidence, increasing your passion, creativity and happiness.

Its analytical capabilities allow you to block all racing thoughts out and focus that one thought. This in turn will aid greatly in meditation by allowing a deeper concentration, opening up thought gate ways for your creativity and new projects. It keeps your mind on the here and now and not the past, making it a great stone to take with you to school.

If you are not wanting Carnelian for its creativity and will power magic, this stone is the powerhouse for sexual energy and fertility. And if you look closely at the stone, some pieces resemble an embryo. Places small pieces around the bedroom to enhance sexual energy.

Properties and Associations

Magical Properties: Creativity, Confidence, Sexuality, Strength, Passion, Energy
Chakra: Sacral
Element: Fire
Planet: Mars

Care and Cleansing

Like all crystals, it’s best to clean Carnelian after every use to remove the energy. This can be done with various herbs of purification or incense. Burning these herbs releases purifying magic from the smoke that you then move your crystal through. The best way to cleanse this crystal is to leave it out in the Full Moon light or move it over a heat source. This heat source can simply be a lit candle.

Personally, there are many ways to cleanse a crystal but I find that each crystals reigning element may take offence if cleansed by another element. Like using water to clean a Fire stone.

Many Blessings,
Sorcerous Sundries

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