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Black Tourmaline Magic

Black Tourmaline for Protection and Deflection!

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Black Tourmaline is instrumental for protection and grounding magic. Unlike Obsidian’s absorbing power, this crystal has the power to reflect all spells, not just the negative ones directed at you!

Think of Black Tourmaline as the ultimate magic shield of protection. Reflect everything unwanted back to where it came from and know that this wonderful crystal is protecting you, allowing you to stay clear headed and well grounded. Definitely a crystal you want to keep on you at all times and never leave the house without it!

Just a quick titbit of history; during the Victorian period, this stone was used on rings and necklaces as a form of mourning jewellery.

Properties and Associations

Magical Properties: Protection, Grounding, Stabilising, Reflecting & Banishing Negativity
Chakra: Root
Element: Earth
Planet: Saturn

Care and Cleansing

Once you’re done using your crystal, or using a crystal for the first time, it’s best to cleanse if of any energy. There are many ways to cleanse a crystal but the best way to cleanse a crystal is to leave out during the Full Moon. Sound or smoke from burning incense are also excellent for resetting your crystals energy! And for a simple method, bury the crystal under salt or earth for three days.

I find that since this crystal is more of a shield than a crystal of absorption, I like to boost the crystals protection power by letting it sit within a quartz crystal protection grid while burning herbs and oils of protection under the Full Moon. But for daily use, I do a quick smoke cleanse after a long day and then boost it’s protection magic by placing it in the middle of four burning white chime candles and letting them burn out.

Many Blessings,
Sorcerous Sundries

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