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Magical Crystals

You will never find a Witch who doesn’t use crytals in her witchcraft. Here you’ll find free information on crystals in witchcraft

Programming Crystals

You can program crystals? As tools for the higher consciousness, programming crystals is particularly effective. Programmed crystals vibrate in harmony with human energy, becoming powerful aids for manifesting desires. However, some refer to this process as “dedication” or “empowering”. You can program crystals for almost anything. Such as, increasing your intuitive powers, healing, love or…
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Crystal Types

Does it really make that much of a difference? When it comes to crystal types, yes it does! When you start looking at all the crystal types you may think that their shape has no meaning, no purpose and that’s where you’ll be wrong! the type of crystal plays a big role in the outcome…
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Citrine Magic

Use the power of Citrine to increase your success! Citrine Magic is a must for any business owner as the crystal itself has the ability to attract wealth, success and abundance. Because it has such magical properties attached to it, some call it the “Merchants Stone” and works best for those who are generous with…
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Rose Quartz Magic

Rose Quartz - A must have for any empath! Rose Quartz is a stone of love, compassion and nurturing making it a must have for any empath. This powerful and high vibrational stone promotes pure love, purifing and opening to the heart to all levels of love, friendship and deep emotional healing. Simply holding Rose…
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