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Performing Candle Magic

Performing candle magic can truely be the most fulfilling experience when it comes to witchcraft Believe it or not, nearly all of us have performed our first act of candle magic by making a wish and blowing out the candles. This birthday custom is based on the three magical principals of visualisation (end result), concentration…
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Candle Magic Colours

Spell candle magic colours Candles help create a mystical atmosphere within your sacred space or room and bring the element Fire to spells. Carve intentions that you want to manifest into the candle like symbols, runes and words. The flame, of course, can be used to ignite incense and burn materials, it has also been…
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Candle Care

Just a little guide for candle care tips It is so important to take care of your candles and how to burn them safely so you can get the longest burn time and the full intend of out of your candles. Usually, Sorcerous Sundries candles will not have written warnings about keeping candles away from…
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