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Candle Care

Just a little guide for candle care tips

It is so important to maintain correct candle care and know how to burn candles safely. This way, you can get the longest burn time and the full intend of out of your candles. Usually, Sorcerous Sundries candles will not have written warnings about keeping candles away from light, pets and children or away from anything flammable as it should be common knowledge. Unfortunately after a few emails about not removing labels and having a 30 cm fire tower on the candle, and burning votives leaving liquid wax everywhere has lead to this being written.

Candle care tips to get the most out of your Candles

The first time you light your candle, whether a plain or spell candle, you MUST let it burn for at least 2 hours! The idea is to create a wax pool that reaches the sides of the candle to achieve an even burn every time it is lit. Burning a candle for less time creates a small pool of wax that will create a tunnel, this will lead to your candle putting itself out constantly and essentially rendering the candle useless.

Place candles in flameproof jars or cups to double the burn time, this also prevents liquid wax from going everywhere. A votive that burns for around 8 hours will burn for 16 hours if placed into a proper votive cup.

Always trim the wick before burning. Even if you’re relighting a candle, trim the wick to 1/4 inch. When the wick is too long it will burn uneven and create soot/smoke, making your walls black and dirty. A long wick also creates a higher flame, this is because the wick is actually burning and not the wax.

Keep candles away from direct sunlight. No matter if the candle has UV protective additives or none, candles in direct sunlight WILL lose their colour and no one wants that.

If you must, and really really want to increase the candles life, you can place your candle in the freezer for 2 to 4 hours and then light it. Freezing the candle increases the burn time but Sorcerous Sundries does not recommend this. This can lead to the candle cracking, loosing it’s colour or deforming in other ways.

Candle Safety

Extinguish all candles when leaving a room or before going to sleep. Be sure the wick ember is no longer glowing.

Never burn a candle on or near anything that can catch fire. Keep burning candles away from furniture, drapes, bedding, carpets, books, paper, flammable decorations, etc.

Keep burning candles out of the reach of children and pets.

Always use a candle holder specifically designed for candle use. The holder should be heat resistant, sturdy and large enough to contain any drips or melted wax.

Keep burning candles away from drafts, vents, ceiling fans and air currents. This will help prevent rapid, uneven burning, and avoid flame flare-ups and sooting.

Never touch or move a burning candle or container candle when the wax is liquid.

Place burning candles at least 6 cm apart from one another. This helps ensure they don’t melt each other, or create their own drafts that cause improper burning.

Witchcraft, candle snuffer, spell candle, australian witchcraftUse a snuffer to extinguish a candle. It’s the safest way to prevent hot wax splatters. Or place your hand behind the candle flame and blow the candle out slowly. Always snuff out your spell candles as blowing them out (using the element Air) will undo all your hard work.

Never extinguish candles with water. The water can cause the hot wax to splatter and can cause glass containers to break.

Extinguish a candle if it repeatedly smokes, flickers, or the flame becomes too high. The candle isn’t burning properly. Cool, trim the wick to 1/4 inch, then check for drafts before relighting.

Never use an open candle as a night light. Make sure it is away from windows, materials, sleeping area, pets and is enclosed in a night lantern.

Special care should be taken when burning spell candles that contain herbs or resins. Always remove any labels, ribbons, adornments, make sure the candles not near burnable material and dust off any herbs/resins around the wick of the candle before lighting.

And most importantly, NEVER leave candles unattended!

Hopefully this candle care guide helps you get the most out of your Sorcerous Sundries candles and keep you (and your home) safe!

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Smokey Quartz Magic

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Smokey Quartz for clarity and transformation magic!

smokey quartz magic, australian witchcraft supplies, free witchcraft spells, adelaide witchcraft store, witchcraft blog, spellbox, adelaide tarot reader, online tarot, wholesale witchcraft, witchcraft shopThe thing I love most about the magic of Smokey Quartz is it’s ability to transform negative emotions. This transforming of emotions also continues on to your dream state, protecting you from nightmares. Making it a great crystal so keep within your child’s room, or even your own, under the bed. Alternatively, pop a piece of smokey Quartz by your front door for protection magic. It will absorb any negative emotion coming through, just remember to cleanse it daily!

Smokey quartz is a powerful stone of grounding energy. It is soul soothing, relaxing and makes a great focal point for all mediation. Meditating with this wonderful crystal calms down racing thoughts, making room for optimism and increasing clarity. This clarity aids in opening up new pathways of communication between friends, family and lovers. So if you find yourself having communication issues with your partner, place a piece of Smokey Quartz on each point of the bed. This should ease tensions and make it easier to achieve a peaceful conversation. It also has the power to balance out sexual energy, so a piece should be in everyone’s room!

Due to the shadowy nature of this crystal, it’s wonderful to use during the time of Samhain or to honour the darker gods and goddesses.

Properties and Associations

Magical Properties: Grounding, Mental Clarity, Banishes Negative Emotion, Protection
Chakra: Root
Element: Earth
Planet: Saturn

Care and Cleansing

Like all crystals it’s best to clean Smokey Quartz after every use to remove the negative energy. This can be done with various purification herbs or incense. Burning these herbs releases purifying energies from the smoke that you then move your crystal through.
Another great way to cleanse this crystal is to leave out in the moonlight or to rinse it salt water. Remember, this crystal absorbs a great amount of negativity and should never be used without cleansing it first.

Many Blessings,
Sorcerous Sundries

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Reversing Candle Magic

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Return Magic Back to Sender!

reverse candle magic, australian witchcraft supplies, adelaide witchcraft store, free witchcraft spells, witchcraft blog, adelaide tarot reader, online tarot, wtichcraft shopEver wanted to return the negativity back to the person sending it your way, but didn’t want to perform an elaborate ritual? Then a reversing candle is exactly what you need to add to your magic cabinet.

Reversing candle magic isn’t just for sending negativity back to its sender, depending on the colour, they can remove debt, emotional pain or anything you desire!

So what is a Reversing Candle?

Most Reversing candles are generally a black candle with a colour tip. What you’ll find is that the inner layer is red, while the outer layer is black. However, it has become quiet common to have a two colour candle where the colour top will drown the black bottom.

When burned, the red wax melts down on the black wax symbolically overcoming the negative. If the inside of the candle is green, it will drown out debt. However, if you find the candle pink, it will aid in removing emotional trauma.

These candles come in a variety of shapes and sizes including Tapers, Jumbo Candles, Vigil Lights, and Human Figure Candles.

How to Perform Reversing Candle Magic

To use the Reversing Candle found within the store, you’ll need:

  • A sharp knife
  • Reversing candle
  • Spell paper or photo
  • Mirror
  • Reversing spell oil
  • Reversing spell powder

First, take a sharp knife and carve the name of the sender on the candle in reverse. Like when you try to write on your body in front of a mirror and the words come out backwards, exactly like that. We are literally reversing everything, a mirror of deflection, to send the harm back.

Anoint the candle with a reversing spell oil and/or powder/herbs. Remember, we want all the powerful help we can get to send the negativity back.

Take your spell paper and write your intention for the reverse spell and place it face down on the mirror. If you have a photo of the sender, even better! Take the photo and write your intention on the back, making sure to place the words towards the mirror. The words need to face the mirror in order to reflect the negativity back to the sender.

Now, set the candle in a holder and place it on top of the paper/photo on the mirror.

Finally, light the candle and with strong intention, send everything negative back the sender.

After the candle has ran its course, i like to read the wax for signs. This helps to see what kind of outcome is coming, or if the work needs to repeated.

After The Spell

Once the candle has burnt down and covered your spell components, dispose of them by placing them in a bag and burying them away from home. Best practice is to bury the remains at a crossroads or closer to the direction of the sender.

I am a strong believer in returning the negative back to a sender, there’s no need to go out of my way to curse, hex or jinx then!

Many Blessings,
Sorcerous Sundries

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Green Aventurine Magic

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Green Aventurine for a life adventure And magic!

green aventurine magic, australian witchcraft blog, adelaide witchcraft store, free witchcraft spells, australian witchcraft supplies, adelaide tarot reader, online tarot, crystal magic,The magic of Green Aventurine is something that everyone should experience! A crystal of great harmony and balance, one that’s good to keep on ones self if you suffer from anxiety. In saying that, it’s also a great tamer of rage and explosive emotion. If you find a big chunk of green adventure, place it within a space that arguments occur.

Sometimes called “Indian Jade” or the “stone of heaven,” Green Aventurine is like the “good luck shamrock of the mineral kingdom”. Due to the powerful magic of good luck, pop this stone into your charm/spell bags or near your money to draw in good fortune and money.
This wonderful crystal is a good source of Earth energy, try to incorporate it when calling upon the element of Earth. Due to the strong connection with Earth energy, hold a piece of green Aventurine in the opposite hand when divining with a pendulum.

Alternatively, this crystal makes a great offering to leave for all entities of Nature! Bury next to a great old tree or leave it within the garden to appease the Fae. If you really wanted to, leave the crystal within a park or somewhere green for another person to experience its wonderful magic.

Properties and Associations

Magical Properties: Healing, Abundance, Luck, Opportunity and Harmony
Chakra: Heart
Element: Earth
Planet: Mercury

This stone is also an anniversary crystal for the 8th year of marriage!

Care and Cleansing

Like all crystals it’s best to clean Green Aventurine after every use, to keep the luck And good fortune going. This can be done with various purification herbs or incense. Another great way to cleanse this crystal is to leave it in the garden next to a Bay tree.

I hope this little snippet of info changes your mind about Green Aventurine and how truly wonderful it is.

Many Blessings,
Sorcerous Sundries

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The Magic of Days

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The Days of the Week are important

magic of days, australian witchcraft supplies, adelaide witchcraft store, free witchcraft spells, witchcraft blog, wholesale witchcraftWhen it comes to casting spells, the days of the week hold their own personal magic. These wonderful days of power should be taken into consideration when casting your spell. Sure, you can cast your spell at any time on any day, but how often does it really go to plan? Does the spell turn out the way you had hoped or did it fail entirely? Changing the day of casting to a day suited to your intention increases the chance of success by leaps and bounds!.

This is a rough (non Wiccan) guide on how each day will influence your spell. Try lining up your spells with the magical day best suited for your spell and watch how it manifests!

The Days of Magic

Here is a quick list of what magic each day holds and what it represents;

Planet: Sun
Magic: Success, Masculinity, Creativity, Joy, Energy, New Beginnings, Determination and Constructive Magic

Planet: Moon
Magic: Intuition, Psychic Abilities, Divination, Clarity, Femininity, Invisibility, Protection, Emotions and Tranquillity

planet: Mars
Magic: War, Change, Courage, Power, Lust, Assertiveness, Spontaneity, Strength and Destructive Magic

Planet: Mercury
Magic: Communication, Intellect, Insight, Wisdom, Justice, Adaptation, Fairness and Understanding

Planet: Jupiter
Magic: Money, Growing, Prosperity, Abundance, Finance, Aspiration and Benevolent Magic

Planet: Venus
Magic: Love, Family, Friendship, Relationships, Beauty, Fertility, Devotion and Social Magic

Planet: Saturn
Magic: Banishing, Cleansing, Cutting Cords, Shadow Self, Breaking Bad Habits and Defensive Magic

Not only does each day have its own magic, each day also has its own colour that can be utilised for spells! I wrote a rough guide on colours and how to use them in candle magic a while back, so I won’t go into it on this blog.

Weave Your Magic

Now that you have a better understanding of what magic each day holds, try performing simple spells and tasks on these days. Use Saturday, the day of cleansing, to do cleaning chores and cleansing spells, or simply burn some black candles for banishing built up negative energy.
So, now that you know Monday is the day of intuition and mysticism, what’s there to hate about Monday’s when you can fine tune your psychic and divination abilities?

Many Blessings,
Sorcerous Sundries

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What is Litha?

what is litha, australian witchcraft supplies, adelaide witchcraft store, free witchcraft spells, witchcraft blog,

The best celebration time in Australia!

You may be thinking is Litha Christmas or is it a New Year celebration? This is probably the best time to use the great Aussie phrase of “yeh nah”. Litha is neither Christmas/Yule or the new year, it just happens to land around that time and not because of it being a Southern Hemisphere thing.

Litha (pronounced Lith-Ah), also known as Midsummer, is the Summer Solstice celebration. This marks the longest day of the year and is a time of great joy and strength. It is a powerful time when both Mother Nature and the Sun are at their fullest.

Before we go any further, I’m going to try and clear some things up.
Christmas is not Yule and Yule is not Christmas. Christmas is a Christian celebration of those particular days and not reliant on the season. On the other hand, Yule is a seasonal celebration that lands in Winter, which works fine for those in the Northern Hemisphere but not for those of us down south. So to say merry Yule to an Aussie when its summer, it just doesn’t work, just say happy holidays or Blessed Midsummer to you.

So when is it?

Traditionally, it’s from the 19th to the 22nd of June, in the Northern Hemisphere. In the South, however, lands around Christmas time, from the 20th to the 23rd of December.

Some might see this as a bad thing, but I personally see it as a good thing. It’s public holidays galore, everyone is merry and celebrating with family. And the best part? If you haven’t come out of the “broom closet” yet, you can celebrate Litha under the guise of all the Christmas parties and New Year celebrations. A good ol invisibility spell never hurt anyone!

As an Australian Pagan, from the mid of December till the New Year, it’s one massive party, and clean up. Both kids and adults run amok, eating and drinking merrily whilst trying to stay cool in our blistering summer heat.

What to do on Litha

Traditionally, bonfires were lit and leapt over for prosperity and most everyone stayed awake for the short night. Mead was drunk, flower crowns made, candles lit and tables full of food for consumption. We can do almost all of the traditional festivities besides anything fire related. For starters, there’s always a complete fire ban and then there’s blistering heat!

Instead of burning candles, bonfires and cauldrons full of soups, and assuming there’s no water restrictions in place, I found having everyone jump over the sprinkler in their bathers to be just as uplifting. Drinking juice, refreshing alcoholic drinks and tables covered in foods that can be eaten cold!

This is a time of nurturing, love and giving thanks for all that has happened!

Other things to do:
Make some flower crowns
Decorate your home in colours of white, green and red
All forms of love magic
Start collecting your herbs to dry out

Litha Associations

Many of things listed are a combination of traditional northern hemisphere associations and Australian associations. Your country may not have things like Ruby Salt bush growing at this time.

Crystals and Gemstones

  • Green Aventurine
  • Emerald
  • Jade
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Tiger’s Eye
  • Diamond


  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Bright Blue
  • Green
  • White

Herbs, Fruits and Spices:

  • Rose
  • Pine
  • Sturt Desert Pea
  • Calendula
  • Lavender
  • Thyme
  • Verbena
  • Fennel
  • Elder
  • Lemon Balm
  • Eucalyptus
  • Fig
  • Citrus of all kinds
  • Salt Bush

Get your party on!

Yeh, the Australian Midsummer is a little different with what we have growing, Christmas and what’s associated with the time, but the magic is still the same. So we don’t get fires and candles to burn because its 40+ degree Celsius, dry (or wet if you’re up top of Australia) and restrictions are in place, but it’s still the summer solstice! Go down to the beach for some powerful water magic, wake up at the crack of dawn to listen to the many Kookaburras and Magpies singing away! Celebrate the next couple of days with friends and family, stay cool and nurture all that need it.

Many Blessings,
Sorcerous Sundries

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Moon Phase Meanings

The Moon Moves Us

The Moon is something that all witches and spiritual workers know of and deal with, but did you know that each phase has many meanings and uses? Some Moon phases are perfect for growing and starting a new project. Some phases are great for banishing all which no longer serves the better of you and some phases are just great for personal reflection.

This will just be a basic run down of some of the Moon phases to help you along your journey. Never be afraid to experiment and tap into your own intuition to find what is best for you. Create a Moon journal or buy a Moon diary to track the energy and how it affects you!

At the very least, see the Moons energy as the tides in water, it comes in and it goes out. Or breathing in and out. Once you understand this basic concept, all spells and practices being to open up so easily. Connections to your spirit will be easier!

Keep in mind, images of the moon will always be different in the North and Southern Hemisphere. Images shown here are for the Southern Hemisphere.

Moon Phase Meanings

Dark Moon: (Crone)

This occurs one night before the New Moon, when the Moon isn’t visible in the sky at all. Due to the rise in “Light” magic, this Moon phase has had a bad name attached to it. A phase that is never to be used and no spells should be cast during this time as the spell won’t work or backfire horrible. This is far from the truth! To celebrate the moon, to have balance, one must accept the light AND the dark! This phase is just as powerful as any other and offers witches great potential for powerful divination and spiritual communication.

Use this phase for banishment of all sorts, self reflection, releasing, cutting ties, protection, divination, concealment, astral travel, other worldly communication and dark/destructive magic.

New Moon: (Maiden)

After the night of the Dark Moon, a slight sliver of light will appear from the moon again. This is known as the New Moon phase. I personally use this phase to set intentions to for my garden to prosper, to stay motivated for the gym or to grow my wealth. It is at this time that you should start casting your wealth spells so when the Full Moon hits, you can unleash your built up, powerful spell.

Use this phase for Growth of all sorts, Healing, Fertility, setting Long Term goals, Beauty, Fae magic and Prosperity.

Waxing Moon: (Growing)

This phase is when the moon is growing into a full moon. Going from dark to light to make the sky shine bright. This phase actually has three phases, if you want particulars, which are called the crescent, the quarter and the gibbous. The waxing phase is all about continuing to grow after the new moon. It’s a great time for mediation, watching your spell cast on the New Moon grow and feed the spells wish you to cast on the Full Moon.

Use this phase for regeneration, growing, love and luck spells, strength, balance, prosperity and light magic.

Full Moon: (Mother)

The Moon, at this time, will be at 100% visibility. This is a time of great, heightened power that allows all spells cast at this time to have powerful energy behind it. The energy of a Full Moon is great for a quick spell, or sudden change. This moon phase, if you’re not wanting to cast any spells, is a great time to throw a celebration. Whip up some fruit platters, bake some cakes and grab a drink with friends.

Use this phase for Wishes, creativity, intuition, fertility, celebrations, fast money spells, abundance, divination, psychic abilities, Love and light/positive magic.

Waning Moon: (Dying)

Once the Full Moon has had its glory, it begins to fade and so does the energy with it. It is at this time we look at our spell harvest, give thanks and reflect on what has been done, and what must be done next. This is an incredibly good time to change up a failed spell and figure out what needs to be done differently in order to manifest your true intention.

Use this phase for long term banishment, breaking bad habits, releasing negative emotions, self reflection, intuition, divination, astral travel, cleaning and dark magic.

Time For Some Magic

Now that you have basic understanding of what each moon phase represents and what magic it brings, start planing! Will be planting new seedlings or removing weeds from your witch’s garden? Will you be getting that hair cut or relaxing in a nice spell bath?
Whatever it is that you’ll be doing, remember, that the moon affects everyone and everything with its energies of push and pull! Utilise the power of the moon to create something powerful and wonderful.

Many Blessings,
Sorcerous Sundries

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Types of Magic Candles

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The candle makes a difference

types of magic candles, australian witchcraft supples, adelaide witchcraft store, free witchcraft spells, witchcraft blog, tarot readings, wholesale witchcraft. witchcraft shopWhen it comes to candle magic, there are many types of candles to choose from with many purposes. And when you first start off looking into candle magic, this may be utterly overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be.

This post is all about the different sizes, styles and purposes of each candle and a little about what intention they bring. The colours of candle magic have already been spoken about in a previous blog and won’t be discussed here.

Just remember, when it comes to performing candle magic, you don’t NEED to have a certain shaped candle. As long as the candle hasn’t been used, it’s perfect!

Also keep in mind that candle magic will not bring instantaneous results. Like all things magic, it takes time for strong desires to manifest.

The Types of Magic Candles

Figure or Adam and Eve Candles:

These candles are the nude form of either a male or female. Most of the time, these candles are for love or relationship type spells. However, these candles are also great for representative magic. Use them for healing oneself or another, push away someone unwanted or draw in abundance.

Altar, Pillar or Jumbo candles:

These are my favourite type of candle to make my altar look magical. They’re tall and thick, the largest candles you’ll probably ever use. Since these candles are so large in size, they are great for representing and honouring deities/powers with which you wish to communicate with. These candles are the first to be lit and the last to be extinguished! Once lit, I use the flame from this candle to light the rest of the candles.

Zodiac or Astral Candles:

These candles don’t really come in any specific shape or size, it’s just a name you may hear from time to time. This candle represents the zodiac of or someone else by its colour.

Chime Candles:

By far, these candles are a favourite amongst all spell casters. Tiny in size, yet they pack a punch and come in many colours. These little candles are usually drip-less and burn for about 2 hours, the perfect amount of time for a decent ritual or spell

Cat Candles:

Pretty self explanatory with what it looks like, a cat and usually black. These candles are for protection, banishing hexes and bringing in good luck. If you find a cat candle in green, this is an excellent candle to use for healing pet magic.

Devotional or Novena Candles:

These candles are thin and long and come in its own glass jar. On the glass of the jar, there’s usually a picture of a saint or deity and its burnt when asking for a petition. Due to the size and glass jar, these candles will burn for seven to nine days and a pretty difficult to find within Australia.

Reversing or Double Action Candles:

Don’t be fooled by two colour candles, a proper reversing candle is a solid colour candle dipped in another colour. The idea of these candles is that the solid colour is your intention and that the dipped colour, is the energy hanging on to or blocking the true intention. These candles are usually dipped in black as it is usually some form of negativity that you want removed from your true intention.

Separation Candles:

Another type of dipped candle except, this solid red candle is dipped entirely in black wax. Use extreme care when burning this candle and only after much consideration since the purpose of this candle is to separate a person from another’s enthralment.

Mummy Candles:

Not common in Australia, but these candles come in the shape of a mummy in a coffin. It’s purpose is to ward off illness, death and other dangerous situations. Almost like the skull candle.

Skull Candles:

These candles tend to pop up during the time of Halloween but did you know they have a place in magic? Skull candles, of course, are the shape of a skull and are used in powerful magics of healing serious, deadly or terminal illnesses. However, some do use these for darker purposes like hexes and curses.

Satan or Devil be Gone Candles:

This candle is the image of the Christian devil and not many pagans will use this candle. Burn this candle in the same way you would a deity candle for worship of the Christian Devil or to remove horrible spirits from within your home.

Seven Knob Candles:

The idea of these candles is that you burn a knob each day to build up what your desire. This works even better when you time it with the planetary hour of your intent. Since it takes seven days to complete the spell, these candles are extremely powerful and are perfect for when you want to manifest something long term.

Manifest Your Intentions

To make the best of a candle spell, it is always a good practice to have the right colour. Not only does it looks great, but it helps draw in the energy what you’re trying to manifest.

Not all spells need to be elaborate. A simple coloured candle, burnt with intention, is enough to start shifting the energies needed to manifest your true hearts desire. Carve your intention, cover it in magical oils specific to your intention, all things big or small help your spell to be successful!

Many Blessings,
Sorcerous Sundries

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Full Moon Release Spell

full moon release, australian witchcraft supplies, adelaide witchcraft store, free witchcraft spells, witchcraft blog, tarot readings, wholesale witchcraft, witchcraft shop

A powerful spell for a magical night

full moon release, australian witchcraft supplies, adelaide witchcraft store, free witchcraft spells, witchcraft blog, tarot readings, wholesale witchcraft, witchcraft shopThe Full Moon is a powerful time for casting any sort of release spells, amongst many other magical dealings. A popular spell is to write names or things you want to rid yourself of on magical papers or herbs and burn them. You don’t have to just write things down to burn, if court documents or bills caused you great emotional stress, time to burn and release that horrible energy.

This simple spell is going to be just that, visualise, burn and release! Release yourself of that heavy emotional burden!

Remember, before performing any form of magic or ritual, you should always cleanse yourself. This can be done with various smoke cleansing techniques or a simple bath ritual.

(NOTE: I am NOT a Wiccan, so this spell is not preformed as a Wiccan ritual. You’re more than welcome to change this spell to fit your beliefs)

Performing the Full Moon Release spell

Once you have cleansed yourself of the energy you picked up during the day, it’s time to gather the components for the spell.

You’ll need:

  • 1 White Candle (or one prepared for Moon spells)
  • Magical Paper (normal paper will be fine too)
  • Your Quill (a normal pen or dedicated magical pen are fine too)
  • A Fire Proof Vessel

The Spell in simple steps:

  1. Light the white candle (or one enchanted for the Full Moon)
  2. Write down on a piece of paper everything you wish to release and banish from your life
  3. Light the piece of paper on fire with the candle
  4. Let the paper burn out in your cauldron
  5. Bury the ashes far away from your home or release the ashes to the wind, making sure they don’t blow back on to you

Things of note:
Like with all candle magic, it is good practice to charge your candle before weaving your magic. If you have a premade spell candle; these contain energies, herbs and oils specific to the intention, and you can still charge it with your own magic.

Everything you do within a spell is done with clear thought and intent. Visualise the outcome, know that it is done and already coming to fruition!

Please be safe and use your cauldron to place the burning piece of paper once lit. Always use caution when working with fire.

Don’t forget to Ground yourself!

Like with all spells, it is a good idea to ground yourself after weaving your magic. This helps to bring your energy back down, allows you to reflect on your spell and the next plan of action.

Since this is a Full Moon spell, grounding gives you the perfect opportunity to look upon a moon lit sight. Eat some Moon Biscuits or Full Moon Cupcakes, drink some of last Full Moons Moon Water mixed with a dash of lemon! Just because you’re done with your spell, doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the rest of the Full Moons night.

Many Blessings,
Sorcerous Sundries

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Full Moon Cupcake Recipe

full moon cupcake recipe, australian witchcraft supplies, adelaide witchcraft shop, free witchcraft spells, witchcraft blog, wholesale witchcraft, witchcraft shop

Celebrate the Full Moon with deliciousness

full moon cupcake recipe, australian witchcraft supplies, adelaide witchcraft shop, free witchcraft spells, witchcraft blog, wholesale witchcraft, witchcraft shopThe Full Moon is a powerful and wonderful time for manifestation and celebration, so why not treat yourself to a cupcake dedicated to the magic of the Full Moon!

You don’t always have to cast a spell or perform some elaborate ritual every Full Moon, bake something, find a spot to view the Moon, grab a nice cuppa and relax. Alternatively, since you’ll be baking cupcakes, gather your witch friends and make it a wonderful gathering of perfect love.

These tasty little cupcakes of magic are wonderful for self love, self healing, love and Goddess magic!

Full Moon Cupcake Ingredients

    • 1 Cup Sugar
    • 3 Cups All Purpose Flour
    • 1 tsp Salt
    • 1 tbsp Baking Powder
    • 2 tsp Vanilla Extract
    • 1 3/4 Cup Warm Milk (any milk is fine; soy or almond)
    • 1 Cup Melted refined Coconut oil
    • 4 tbsp Lemon Juice
    • 2 tbsp Lemon zest
    • 4 tbsp Poppy Seeds

And for the Glaze, You’ll Need:

  • 1 Cup Powdered Sugar
  • 1-2 tbsp Lemon Juice

You’ll also need an oven, mixing bowl, cup cake tray or patty pans, flour sieve and whisk.


  • Pre heat the oven to 180C
  • If you’re not using patty pans, grease your cupcake tray with coconut oil and light dust with flour
  • In a large bowl, whisk together the warm milk, coconut oil, vanilla extract, lemon juice and lemon zest
  • Now add in the sugar and whisk
  • Add salt and baking powder and mix
  • Gradually add in the flour 1 cup at a time, whisk in between
  • Once the batter is mixed and looks/feels smooth, add the poppy seeds
  • Mix well to incorporate the poppy seeds evenly through the batter
  • Grab your cupcake pan or patty pans and pour the batter till it reaches half way to 3/4 of the vessel
  • Bake for 15-20 minutes
  • Prick cupcakes with a tooth pick or skewer to to check if its cooked
  • Skewer or tooth pick should come out clean without anything stick to it
  • Once cup cakes are cooked, let them cool on a rack for at least 10 minutes

For the glaze:

  • In a small bowl, whisk the powdered sugar and lemon juice together until smooth
  • Pour the glaze over the cooled cup cakes
  • Let glaze set for 15-20 minutes

Dig In!

Of course you don’t have to just save this recipe for the Full Moon, it’s delicious anytime of the year! However, once you start to bake things with purpose and intent, the magic of the kitchen truly starts to shine. Eat these tasty morsels after you’ve completed a Full Moon ritual to ground yourself or dig in to them without the spells and rituals, just to celebrate the beauty of the Moon.
Have yourself a witches gathering with cakes, fruit, candles and magic!

Many Blessings,
Sorcerous Sundries

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What is Grounding Energy

what is grounding energy, australian witchcraft supplies, adelaide witchcraft store, free witchcraft spells, witchcraft blog, wholesale witchcraft, witchcraft shop

So what exactly is Grounding Energy?

Grounding energy has many names but what it is exactly, is a process of becoming aware of out physical body and it’s connection with the Earth. It is, and should be, a daily meditative practice to help improve your mental and emotional health. And as part of most magical practices, it assists us in direction and flow of energy.

The act of Grounding allows us to siphon the limitless energy from the Earth and release our excess energy back to the Earth. This has the effect of settling the mind and body allowing one to be centred, or Grounded, giving you better focus.

This blog post won’t tell you how to ground as there is a post already explaining some of the various methods.

The Many Terms of Grounding

As I stated before, Grounding has many names but they all mean the same thing. Some of these names are old and come from the older practices. Some of these names are new and come from the New Age/Spiritual movement.
Regardless, the following names all mean the same thing;

  • Earthing
  • Centre/Centred
  • Grounded/Grounding

What these above terms actually mean is that you focus, present, confident and practical. That your state of mind is present, in the physical world and not scattered about with a million thoughts. Grounded is being conscious of every breath you take, the way you move, the thought of every action you’re about to do.

Most of the time, our minds are not in tune with our body, we don’t know, we just do. So when you’re ungrounded, you maybe moody, unable to focus, become easily distracted or feel disconnected. Think of being ungrounded as the term “air head” and grounded say the term “feet firmly on the ground”!

Now, when you hear or read that herbs, crystals, scents and other things can ground you, it simple means that these sundries help achieve a grounded state. This is because it helps us by focusing on the element of Earth, or the physical part of ourselves, by improving our focus, leaving behind the scattered state of mind. If you’re like me, objects and scents are a great way to help achieve or maintain a grounded state if you have difficulty!

In all, there a many ways to Ground yourself by using herbs, meditation, visualisation or implementing the original Chakra system. All of these things help and when combined with aids, like herbs, the better the outcome. But since we are witches let’s explore what Grounding means in magic!

Why Ground in Magic?

Since the Earth has a limitless energy supply, this supply allows spell weavers to “tap” into this energy and use it without depleting themselves during spell work. This doesn’t have to be just for spell work, this applies to divination and healing work. Casting spells and looking into ones possible future can leave you exhausted, physically and mentally and feeling disconnected.

Try grounding before casting a spell or ritual to improve your focus and reduce the likelihood of being distracted. Distractions cause the spell to fail and will often leave you exhausted, feeling fatigued and spacey.

This is when grounding after a spell or ritual is important. It helps you to return to a state of focus and to the “Real world” state, allowing you to figure out if you need to stop the current spell and cast at another time. Grounding after a successful spell or ritual allows you to focus on the real world and preform task with clear thought, like driving home or helping out around the home.

Centring or Grounding yourself serves as both a preventative and a remedy for chaotic energy.

Get Grounding!

Grounding may sound odd and feel a little odd at first, but it should become a daily practice, especially after those long days at work. It helps you to release those horrible emotions of stress and anxiety, and allows you to calm down and relax.

And after performing a ritual or spell, who wouldn’t want to eat delicious food and drink afterwards? Allow yourself to replenish your energy and remind yourself that you’re on the physical plane.

Once you’ve learnt how to Ground yourself, you will wonder why you never had never done it before!

Many Blessings,
Sorcerous Sundries

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Incense Magic

incense magic, australian witchcraft supplies, adelaide witchcraft store, free witchcraft spells, witchcraft blog, tarot readings, witchcraft shop, wholesale witchcraft supplies

There’s Magic within the Power of Scent

Almost everyone burns incense within their home to release the beautiful aromatic scent. But did you know that there’s magic behind the scent of incense? They all contain magic; this goes for stick, cone and power incense. It just boils down to what resonates with you and what purpose you have or wish to manifest.

Since you have to burn incense and it releases a magical dance of smoke, it holds the Element of Air within it. Many use incense during their spell workings to invoke the element of Air to help carry their spell out into the universe. It is this element of Air that helps the caster have a greater focus during their work.

Now, in this blog I’ll write out a small list of the magical properties I associate with each magical incense. I’m not Wiccan, this is based off of what is in my family and what I’ve personally learnt through ritual over he years.

The Magic of Incense

This list will be one of magical properties first, followed by the various incenses associated with it.

Release: Clove, Vervain, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Rose, Sage
Change: Peppermint, Dragon’s Blood, Copal
Creativity: Lotus, Rose, Vervain, Honeysuckle
Courage: Dragon’s Blood, Musk, Allspice, Myrrh
Divination: Mugwort, Wormwood, Thyme, Yarrow, Rose, Lavender
Power & Strength: Amber, Dragon’s Blood, pine, rosemary, ginger, lotus, musk, bay
Banish: Juniper, Sage, Dragon’s Blood, White Sage, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Myrrh
Fortune: Basil, Honeysuckle, Mint, Violet, Cedar, Orange
Love: Amber, Rose, Frangipani, Gardenia, Patchouli, Vanilla, Strawberry, Ylang-Ylang,

These are just a few of the common various scents with their listed magical property. I can’t give away all my secrets!

Shift the Energy within a Room Fast

Incense doesn’t always have to be burnt with a magical purpose. By simply lighting some incense to release the aroma is enough to shift the energies within a room. This aids in creating a calm, feel good atmosphere. And let’s not kid ourselves, sometimes it’s just great to remove bad smells.

This simple act is just another great and fun way to add that extra kick of magic to your spell! Watch the plumes of smoke rise up and free your mind, allowing creativity and thoughts to flow.

Many Blessings,
Sorcerous Sundries

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Moon Biscuit Recipe

moon biscuit recipe, australian witchcraft supplies, adelaide witchcraft shop, free witchcraft spells, witchcraft blog, tarot readings, witchcraft store, wholesale witchcraft

Biscuits and Tea for a Witches Gathering!

moon biscuit recipe, australian witchcraft supplies, adelaide witchcraft shop, free witchcraft spells, witchcraft blog, tarot readings, witchcraft store, wholesale witchcraftGet your kitchen witch on and create sugary Moon biscuit that goes excellent with any cup of tea for any occasion. These little biscuits not only look magical but last for an entire Moon phase, making them great to have on hand for when someone pops around for a chat.

If I haven’t eaten all the biscuits before they’ve cooled, I personally use these little biscuits as the “sweetener” for herbal teas instead of adding sugar.

These Moon biscuits give a little magical touch when preforming divination services such as a tea leaf reading or having a cup of tea whilst having your cards read.

Let’s jump into the kitchen and weave some magic!

Moon Biscuit Ingredients

I love this recipe because of its simplicity. Most of these ingredients are found in all homes!

  • 115g Unsalted Butter, Softened
  • 1/3 Cup White Sugar
  • 1 Cup All Purpose Flour
  • 1/4 Cup Cornflour
  • 1/2 tsp Salt

You’ll also need an oven, mixer with paddle attachment, baking tray, baking paper, mixing bowl and a cookie cutter (preferably one shaped like a half moon)


  • Preheat oven to 180C
  • Grease baking tray or line it with baking paper
  • Get a mixer with a paddle attachment
  • Cream butter and sugar together until light and fluffy
  • Sift together flour, cornflour and salt
  • Add little by little to the butter mixture
  • Combined until the mixture turns to dough
  • Lightly flour a surface to knead the dough
  • Knead until a firm ball forms
  • Roll out dough to 1 cm thick and cut out shapes
  • Bake for 15 minutes or until golden

You don’t have to cut these little biscuits into moons. If you roll out the dough, try popping some lace over the top as an imprint, it adds an extra touch of beauty and magic!

Dig In but be careful!

These little biscuits are fast way to ground yourself as they are sugary and additive to the nines! Try not to eat them all (like I do every time) as these biscuits last a long time if stored properly and make great offerings for the spirits.

Get creative! Shape your biscuits in to half moons, full moons, add glazes, edible glitter or sprinkles. This recipe is very basic short bread cookie recipe and can be modified in anyway you see fit! If you create smaller biscuits, these will make an excellent treat for lunch boxes and keep the energy of the Moon flowing with you for days of consumption.

Throw a moon gathering! Invite your pagan brothers and sisters around for tea and biscuits and let the creative magic flow.

Many Blessings,
Sorcerous Sundries

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Obsidian Magic

Obsidian Magic is for those who dare to see

obsidian magic, australian witchcraft, adelaide witchcraft store, free witchcraft spells, witchcraft blog, wholesale witchcraft, tarot readings, witchcraft shop, witchcraft suppliesBlack Obsidian has to be one of my most favourite stones when it comes to magic, and it’s not just because I like black.

Known as the teacher stone, Black Obsidian is the most powerful of all the Obsidians. Its magic exposes the darkened areas of the subconscious and forces one to face their truth. This then aids in examining unresolved issues and harmful attitudes that inhibits one’s personal and spiritual growth.

Once you feel like you are free and growing more spiritually, carry Obsidian on you.  This protective shield helps to block negative thoughts and energy, and emotional hooks and cords, making Obsidian an excellent stone for self control.

Properties and Associations

Magical Properties: Divination, Grounding, Protection
Chakra: Root
Sabbat: Samhain

Care and Cleansing

Since Obsidian absorbs quite a bit of negative energy, its best to clean it after every use. This can be done with various purification herbs or incense. Another great way is to bury Obsidian under fresh earth, letting the energy from the earth absorb the energy within the crystal. Just remember to place a marker by the place your buried your crystal!

Many Blessings,
Sorcerous Sundries

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How To Ground Energy

Do I Have to ground energy?

how to ground energy, australian witchcraft supplies, adelaide witchcraft store, free witchcraft spells, witchcraft blog, tarot readings, witchcraft shop, wholesale witchcraft, witchcraft suppliesNo, you don’t have to, but this little post will teach you how to ground your energy. It’s something That is good practice as it will remove the heightened state of your spirit and mind. Grounding sounds like its going to be some long, elaborate ritual after you’ve just completed your ritual, but it doesn’t have to be.

Grounding can be as simple or as complicated as you’d like it. I see it as a form of meditation, one that helps you to focus your thoughts, calms your heightened energy down and balances your spirit back out. Balance is very important in magic, not just life.

Let’s jump into the many ways of how to ground your energy!

Some quick ways of how to ground energy

There are many ways of grounding your energy, I suggest you try a variety of methods and find the one that is most effective and comfortable for you!

Rooting Yourself
No, this isn’t self pleasure, this is a form of getting Mother Earth to help out.
For this method to work, stand barefoot in either the grass or dirt
Imagine your energy extending down through your legs and sinking into the earth, becoming roots
Feel the earth’s energy flow up into your body, all the way to your head and then back down and out through your roots
Continue this cycle until you feel calm and comfortable

This energy will cycle through you and clear away any excess energy as well as solving any energy blockages you might have.

If you’re like me and fast before spell work, eating is an excellent way of helping your body get in tune with your spirit. Nourishing your body can help to reconnect you to your physical self and refuel depleted energy. Sit down for a hearty, healthy meal and give it your full attention. Think about the colour, the smell, how many bites you take. This helps to pull you back into your body fully after intense spiritual experiences or spell work and gives you a moment to relax.

Stones and Crystals
Certain stones and crystals can be grounding. Hematite is particularly good for this purpose. Other crystals include; Fire Agate, Red Jasper, Moss Agate, Shungite, Smokey Quartz Crystals, Black Diopside and Turquoise. All excellent for spiritual and emotional grounding.

Simply focusing on your breath can encourage your energy to equalise on its own. Lay or sit down somewhere comfortable and visualise yourself in third person.

Grounding To Relax

Grounding doesn’t have to be exclusive to spell or spiritual work. It is an excellent to centre your emotions after a long day and perfect for banishing away fiery emotions of anger, before or after a fight! Take your high emotional energy and turn it into a calm state of mind, body and spirit.

Try practising a simple grounding technique after your spell or spiritual work, see how you feel over the next few days. When you practice something with repetition, it becomes habit and this is one healthy habit for your magical needs!

Many Blessings,
Sorcerous Sundries

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Full Moon Magic

The Moon Moves Us

full moon magic, Australian witchcraft supplies, Adelaide witchcraft store, free witchcraft spells, witchcraft blog, witchcraft shop, witchcraft suppliesWorking with the Full Moon has long been a powerful source of magic for all witches. For when the Moon is full, her magic is strong and powerful. Allowing us to weave powerful spells of manifestation, to recharge our drained energy and to look upon something beautiful in the night sky.

Moon magic is a comfortable step to take when first getting into witchcraft. Never feel like you MUST know everything before you take your first step into witchcraft, a full moon is a perfect way to cast your first spell and weave your magic into the realms.

Allow yourself or your family to make a wish upon the Full moon, your spell has been spun!

Full Moon Magic

Since the Moons energy is at her peak, this is a prime time for weaving protection magic and divination of any sort. This energy can also be applied to spells that need a little bit of extra energy. Spells like, finding a new job, love, legal matters, money, healing, really any spell that requires a helping hand can have the Full Moon energy applied to it.

This powerful energy can be harnessed three days before the Full Moon, during the Full Moon and 3 days after the Full Moon. But if you’re time specific like me, the time best for Full Moon magic, is when the moon is at her absolute peak!

How to use the moons energy

The energy of the Full Moon can be harvested and weaved in many ways. Here are just a few common ways that we can all harvest the magic of the Full Moon.

  • Cleanse and recharge your crystals in a full moon bath. Place them in view of the full moon, either outside or inside.
  • Recharge your own energy. Draw the Moon Mother down to you, bathe in the ethereal light on a walk or in by Moon tanning.
  • Create Moon Water. Add a pinch of salt to a silver or crystal bowl with spring or collected rain water in sight of the Full Moon.
  • Perform powerful spells for manifestation when the Moon is at her peak.
  • Gardening. Look to your local almanac for days and timings.
  • Cutting Cords spell or Release Rituals are powerful at this time, especially if they were started from the Dark Moon.

There are, of course, many other ways to harness the moons energy and incorporate into your magic. These are just a simple few that seem to be everyone’s favourite magical staples!

Do You Feel Different?

Working with and honouring the energy of the Full Moon allows you to connect to your inner goddess. She recharges, energises and empowers us with great power. It is at this time you should feel complete, feel whole and full of energy.

At this time the Moon will show you the success or failure of your spells. If the spell you cast on the last Full Moon fails, this is the prime time to re examine your direction and action plan. Never be afraid to recast your failed spells!

Sometimes the energy can be so beautiful, so powerful that you end up crying from being beautifully overwhelmed. And that’s ok! I personally use those tears as a thank you gift, one of pure love. So, however the moon makes you feel and whatever you wish to do with the her energies, always give thanks for the things you receive and weave the most powerful of magic.

Many Blessings,
Sorcerous Sundries

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Beef & Vegetable Stew

Another Stew?

Beef and vegetable stew, Australian witchcraft supplies, witchcraft supplies, Adelaide witchcraft store, free witchcraft spellsYes, another stew, but it’s winter and nothing beats a nice beef and vegetable stew! Except maybe the beef and mushroom stew, you’ll have to try both and let your taste buds decide.

My family cannot get enough of stews during the winter time and this one is so easy to throw together, keeps well in the fridge and is easy to reheat. So, here we go, on to the preparation!

Hearty Beef & Vegetable Stew Ingredients

  • 1 garlic clove
  • 5 Medium Carrots
  • 4 Medium Potatoes
  • 2 Cups Grean Peas
  • 500g – 600g Chuck Beef
  • 4 Cups water
  • 2 tsp Bone broth concentrate
  • Oil for frying
  • 3 Bay Leaves, Dried
  • Thyme, fresh

You’ll also need an oven, vegetable peeler, a spoon for stirring, knife and cutting board, a pan for frying and a clay pot (for the best results) for cooking.


  • Preheat the oven to 200C
  • Peel both the potatoes and carrots, cut them into 4cm chunks
  • Cut the chuck steak into bite sized chunks
  • In a pan, heat 4 tablespoons of oil over medium to high heat
  • Once the oil is warm, place all of the beef into the pan and fry till slightly brown
  • Turn off the heat and put the beef into the clay pot. Try to keep the oil in the pan.
  • Reheat the left over oil and juices, add all the vegetables and fry till you see some brown
  • Add the vegetables to the clay pot with the beef
  • Then add 4 cups of water to the pot, along with 2 tsp of concentrated bone broth
  • Place the 3 bay leaves side by side with the Thyme and garlic on top
  • Pop the lid on and place the clay pot into the oven
  • Cook at 200C for 1 hour 30 minutes
  • After 1 hour and 30 minutes, take the pot out of the oven and add the green peas
  • Put the pot back in the oven at 180C and cook for another 30 minutes

If you find the broth level has lowered and the vegetables are now sticking out, add some more water until it reaches the same level as the vegetables.

After the 2 hours, turn off the heat and let the stew sit in the oven for as long as you want. It should stay warm for hours and continue to cook and infuse all the flavours together nicely.

Dig In!

Honestly, nothing beats a good stew during the cold winter. The sound of bubbling broths, the smell of all the ingredients dancing away in their pot and you cannot forget the buttery, crunchy bread that goes with it!

Many Blessings,
Sorcerous Sundries

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How To Infuse Oils

What is an infused oil?how to infuse oils, witchcraft supplies, witchcraft shop, witchcraft store, witchcraft australia, free witchcraft spells

When it comes to knowing how to infuse oils, you may want to know what it is as it’s not as complicated as some will lead you to believe. In fact, an infused oil is simply an oil that has had plant matter resting inside a jar for 6 to 12 weeks, depending on the plant matter.

What Is Needed

Infusing oils is really simple that you only need three things!

  • Dried herbs or Fresh herbs
  • Oil of your choice (NO Olive oil)
  • A jar that you can fill to the top with herbs

The reason I say not to use Olive Oil is because it has the tendency to go rancid, especially when it comes to using fresh herbs. If you’re looking for an oil that you can consume that has a long shelf life, use MCT coconut oil.

How to Infuse Oils

This is the easy part!

  1. Simply fill your jar all the way to the top with your herb or herbs of choice
  2. Then, fill the jar that’s full of herbs with oil
  3. Put it in a dark, warm spot and wait


Make sure none of the herbs are sticking out of the oil, it will go rancid, even if you’re using dried herbs. Waiting times will vary, with dried herbs you want to wait between 6 to 12 weeks for a nice, proper infusion. When it comes to fresh herbs, never ever go over 6 weeks waiting. Your fresh plant matter is decaying and will rot in your oil causing it to go rancid.

Best way to use an infused oil is for a hair mask or to add to balms for skin medicine. Infused oils can be used for almost anything and added to everything! Infuse an oil with garlic for cooking or infuse an oil for your skin, the possibilities are endless.

Many Blessings,
Sorcerous Sundries

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Moon Water

What is Moon Water?

Simply put, Moon water is water that is charged by the energy of the moon. Preferably a Full Moon or Super Moon, where the energy is heightened. Now, since the Moon is the ruler of everyone’s emotions, we are all influenced by her energy, whether you know it or not.

So why should you make it? Because it is easy to make and since it has an abundant amount of uses, it should be apart of everyone’s practice.

What is Needed

  • A glass jar, bowl or large jug (must be glass) or a sliver bowl
  • Purified, spring or distilled water, or freshly collected rain water

Glass is important since plastic is man made and massive hazard to our beautiful environment. Plastic can also seep out chemicals and that’s something that I wouldn’t want to be drinking or using in spell work. Remember, you will be keeping this water within it’s vessel for awhile and you wouldn’t want it tainted by something unknown.

How To Collect Moon Water

This is almost too easy that I didn’t want to write a step by step process, but here we go!

  1. Fill your chosen container with your water of choice
  2. Place the vessel of water in a spot that will have the Full Moon within sight all night
  3. Bless your vessel and the water within with incarnations and intentions
  4. Leave the vessel there all night and collect it just before dawn

You want to collect your vessel before the Sun hits it. After all, it is Moons energy we are after, not the Suns.

You want your water to soak up as much of the Moons energy as possible. If you’re planning on having the vessel outside, you might want to find something that has a lid or some sort of cover so the bugs don’t get in.


Cleanse and Recharge your crystals: Place your crystals in a jar with some of the water to cleanse and empower them.

Cleanse yourself with a Moon bath: Fill the tub with warm water. Add your favourite bath ritual salt mix. Then add a few cups of moons water to the bath.moon water, witchcraft, australian witchcraft, witchcraft blog, witchcraft shop, withcraft store, free witchcraft spells

Drink it: Take a sip or two everyday to empower yourself with the energy of the moon. Make sure you use purified, spring or distilled water if you are going to ingest it.

Create an Aura Cleanse mist: Put it in a nice misting bottle and simply spray around your aura before leaving home and when returning.

Use it as an Offering: Place a cup on your altar or spell crafting area to amplify your intentions. Do remember to change out the water for every new spell.

Add it to your oil burner/diffuser: Add your moon water to your diffuser/burner with the spell oil of your choice. This way you’ll have the energy of the full moon plus the energy from your spell oil shifting the energy within a room.

Get creative! There are so many ways to utilise this amazing gift from the celestial mother. Make your own rituals and allow the energy of the full moon to support you through out your journey.

Many Blessings,
Sorcerous Sundries

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DIY Simple Body Butter

All skin needs hydration

Diy simple body butter, witchcraft, australian witchcraft, witchcraft supplies, free witchcraft spells, witchcraft shop And what better way to give your skin the moisture it needs with a quick and simple DIY body butter! This recipe is so simple and safe to make that it makes for a quick distraction for kids on the holidays. It also makes for a great step in teaching your youngling’s about skin care and how fun it can be when made at home. Continue reading DIY Simple Body Butter

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Deep Sleep Magic Pillow

Get a good nights sleep

With a deep sleep magic pillow! The magical pillow presented here will aid you in achieving a relaxed and solid sleep. As the aroma of the herbs, as well as their energetic properties, will influence you as you sleep, and bring you your desired intent of a deep solid sleep.

Deep Sleep Magic Pillow Ingredients

Gather a bowl used for magic, a spell bag and the following magical herbs:

  • 1 cup rosemary leaves
  • 2 cups pine needles
  • 1 cup lemon verbena
  • And 1/4 cup of chamomile

Clear your mind and focus solely on your intention, a deep sleep. When focusing on your intent, it is important to focus on what you do want, rather than what you don’t want. So don’t focus on how you currently have nightmares or don’t sleep well. Be confident and focus on your desired outcome as if it has already happened. The herbs will absorb your intent while you are gently crushing and mixing them.

Once you have crushed and mixed your herbs well, whilst keeping focus, add your herbs to the pillow or bag. As you’re closing up the pillow or bag keep, that focused intent, bring it to its highest peak! You now have a powerful pillow full of magic, ready to aid you in your deepest sleep.

Things to keep in mind

Don’t over fill the pillow as the herbs need breathing room to release the beautiful aroma. Also, by over filling your magical pillow, it can lead it to feeling like a brick under your normal pillow. The idea of this magical pillow is to not feel it at all under your normal pillow.

These magical little pillows can also make great handmade gifts to family and friends. They don’t have to boring old bags or small pouches, get creative! Sew one with beautiful fabric, add lace to the edges, change the shape into an animal for spirit magic. The possibilities are endless!

So get your spell weaving shoes on, create a magical pillow and allow the aroma to fill the air!

Many Blessings,
Sorcerous Sundries

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Beeswax Wrap Recipe

So a beeswax wrap is not magic

But it can bee, as this beeswax wrap is reusable and requires you to put your energy into it! These little babies help to replace plastic, are full of nature and help to reduce throw away rubbish that ends up in land fill. Use them to wrap sandwiches and rolls, cover plates and bowls, leftover and much more!

Not only will these help you to reduce the use of plastic, but they will be made with love and the intent of healing the earth!

The recipe below makes enough to make four decent sized square wraps, approximately 25x25cm Continue reading Beeswax Wrap Recipe

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Uses For Crystals

How do you use your crystals?

There a many uses for crystals, some you may not even think about. Do you crush your crystals into powder or do you leave them on your altar? Ill try to list the many ways i use crystals throughout my craft and where some crystals are hiding in my offerings!

The many uses for crystals

It may seem like a waste but crushing your crystals to a powder and adding it to your spell powders and candles is an amazing way to empower items with the crystals properties.

As mentioned in Programming Crystals, you can program/charge your stone with intent and carry it with you. That way you’re carrying not only the stones amazing magic, but your own magic stored within the stone!

Another easy way to carry the magic held within a crystal is to wear jewellery. This way you’ll be carrying the magic around in style, with the added magic of the metal its attached to or bound by.

Everyone loves oils, why not add your crystals to oil. Further empower your spell oils or essential oils by adding the magic of your crystal!
*Always make sure the crystal is safe for moisture, as some crystals can be destroyed or serdamaged by moisture.

Ritual bath salts are a great way to empower ones self before weaving their magic, why not further empower your bath by adding the biggest of your magical crystals to the water! Add obelisk crystal pillars around the outside of your bath or lock in the energy

Add your crystals to dream pillows, spell and mojo bags. Charge your crystal and herbs you wish to use and conjure up one powerful sachet!

Make crystal elixirs by adding a type of crystal or many crystals to magical water under a full moon. These can then be drunk to be empower internally. Alternatively, you can add these elixirs to your oil burner, bath water or floor wash

Use a single stone related to a chakra for healing. Lay down with the crystal on top of the chakra to align and balance

Crystals hidden around the garden and home

Bury crystals charged with your magic when potting a new plant. Not only are you returning earths gift back to the earth, but you’ve empowered the plant or tree that was planted

Place sun loving crystals near your window to energies and recharge them whilst drawing prosperity and wealth into your home

Having trouble sleeping or need protection from nightmares? Place loving and calming crystals under your bed or on the bed head board.under the bed they’re hidden yet they draw the bad energies away from you. Just remember to cleanse and recharge them!

Place a big clear quartz next to plants you want to heal or grow stronger

Hide crystals of protection around door ways, under stairs and each corner of your home. Once again, remember to cleanse and recharage these stones.

Please DO NOT place crytsals in your car or motorbike. This is extremely dangerous!

Crystals are earths precious bounty

Always treat your crystals with care and remember that these precious stones come from the earth. There’s no harm in ever returning a crystal back to the earth. And always take a good look at the supplier, are they ethically harvesting earths bounty? Or has the crystal be ripped out in the name of greed?

Many Blessings,
Sorcerous Sundries

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Advanced Pendulum Magic

So you have mastered the basic yes and no answers

Let’s take a dive into Advanced Pendulum Magic to obtain a clearer, more specific answer from your pendulum. I will try my best to explain to you a few fun and interesting methods of using your magical witchcraft pendulum. This is for advanced pendulum magic, meaning you already understand the basic concept of asking your pendulum to guide you through your magical journey. If you haven’t already, take a peek at Witchcraft Pendulum Magic to begin. Now, on to some of the different methods used for pendulum divination!

Tarot or Oracle Cards

This is a different take on reading your cards. The pendulum acts as your energy conduit, picking your divination cards out for you!

To start:

  • Ask your guides/energy to be with you
  • Choose a number of cards for your reading, between 1 and 7, depending on your question
  • Ask your question to the cards and ask your “show me” question to your pendulum
  • Spread out the cards in a way that your pendulum can hover over each one
  • What your pendulum show you “yes” over your cards for reading
  • Place the “yes” cards in a row, making sure you keep them in order of selection
  • When you have finished selecting your cards, lay them and do your reading from the “yes” cards the pendulum chose
  • Give thanks to your guides/energy
  • Cleanse yourself and pendulum after use

This is a great beginner way for doing card readings when you don’t have much confidence in shuffling. This method also combines two types of divination magic into one, creating a more definitive read.

Using a Pendulum Mat

Pendulum mats are an easy and great way to get a visual answer. You can easily make your own or buy one!

To start:

  • Ask your guides/energy to be with you
  • Set your intention/ask your “show me” question
  • Hold your pendulum in your right hand over the centre of the mat
  • Ask your question
  • Be very watchful of your pendulum to see the way it swings
  • The pendulum will swing towards one of the answer written on the mat
  • Give thanks to your guides/energy
  • Cleanse yourself and pendulum after use

This is a great way for beginners to learn and attune to their pendulum and the energies around.

Locating Missing Objects

A fun and testing exercise is to get someone to hide an object in the house. Get out your magical pendulum and preform the steps below.

To start:

  • Ask your guides/energy to be with you
  • Set your intention/ask your “show me” question
  • Hold your pendulum out in front of you in your right hand
  • Ask “which way”
  • Be very watchful of your pendulum to see the way it swings
  • Give thanks to your guides/energy
  • Cleanse yourself and pendulum after use

If things are becoming frustrating, you may try to narrow the location down. Ask your pendulum if the object is in the kitchen, inside or outside and keep an eye on how much the pendulum swings.
Remember, the more your use your pendulum the in tune you’ll become with it and the energies around, leading to a precise finding of the missing object.
This method can also be used on a map.

Healing Work

Pendulums for healing work are amazing for locating and unblocking Chakras. I find the best type of pendulum for this advanced type of magic, is a pendulum that contains crystals that are associated with the Chakras. This method will aid you in looking at the health and flow of Chakras, if there’s an obstruction or to aid in Reiki problems

To start:

  • Ask your guides/energy to be with you
  • Set your intention/ask your question
  • Have the person lay down on the flat of their back
  • Place the pendulum over their energy points
  • Be very watchful of your pendulum to see the way it swings
  • Give thanks to your guides/energy
  • Preform your magic and heal the Chakra points
  • Cleanse yourself and pendulum after use

This type of pendulum magic is the most advanced. You need to practice with your pendulum to see what signs show pain, blockages and flow of energy. The greater the pendulum swings outward in a circular motion will show you how big the blockage is.

Keep in mind, these are the methods that have worked for me over the years. There is no wrong or right way to receive messages. Always practice, give thanks and don’t be afraid to experiment what works best for you!

Many Blessings,
Sorcerous Sundries

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Witchcraft Pendulum Magic

Witchcraft Pendulums are great for simple, everyday divination.

The magic of a Witchcraft pendulum is the most simplest of them all. To the point where non witches will use it to figure out the sex of an unborn child. They are used to find a quick answer or to unblock Chakras and other psychic blocks.

Witchcraft Pendulums do not have to be fancy, or expensive, just something you can put your true intent into. You can make your own pendulum, if buying one isn’t an option for you. It can be a simple as a ring or rock on a piece of thread. As long as it hangs still and centred, you have a pendulum ready for magic. Though, try to make the pendulum as natural as possible to be in tune with all energies.

Using A Witchcraft Pendulum

Many people like to have just one special Witchcraft pendulum to aid in their magic for all uses. However, if it resonates with you, you can have multiple pendulums to serve different needs. These purposes could be as simple as finding a lost item, job hunting, looking for love or choosing what to eat for dinner.

A simple way to familiarise yourself with your pendulum, is to become acquainted with it. Hold it in your hand, study it, feel the energy vibrating from it. Become as familiar with the surfaces, the sounds it makes when it moves, the shadows it casts. Once you feel comfortable with it, it’s time to get started.

  • Take a seat at a table or somewhere with a sturdy flat surface
  • Sit comfortably and with correct posture
  • Rest your elbow on the table (especially if you have a tremor like myself), and hold the pendulum by the end of the chain
  • Place your other hand flat on the table, palm facing up
  • Speak clearly to your pendulum, say “Show me yes”, it will begin swing, that is the sign for “yes”
  • Once you are familiar with ‘yes’ stop your pendulum with your free hand
  • Speaking clearly again, say “Show me no”, it will show you what ‘no’ looks like
  • Once it tells you ‘yes’ and ‘no’, stick to them

Pendulum Charts

You may have seen pendulum mats or charts, these are to make things easier. You can buy or make a chart to use with your pendulum. Making one is simple, draw a circle, and put “yes” and “no” on opposite sides. You can choose to include ‘maybe’ and ‘rephrase’, Days of the week, Zodiacs or a complete set of numbers and letters. These extra things aren’t necessary until you become more comfortable with your pendulum. Your pendulum will gravitate towards the answer to give you a clear message.

For a more in-depth guide on how to use your pendulum for specific questions, head over to the Advance Pendulum Magic Post.

Many Blessings,
Sorcerous Sundries

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Smoke Cleansing

Smoke Cleansing is a powerful and ancient practice used by all weavers of magic.

The act of smoke cleansing, the burning of herbs, is performed before rituals or spell casting to call upon the magical spirits of our sacred plants. These spirits aid one in cleansing out stagnant or negative energies from people, crystals, rooms and other objects. However, burning specific herbs can assist in the creating or releasing of different energies and intentions. Example, clearing out the anger from an argument and bringing in love to balance out the family home.

Why smoke cleanse?

Smoke Cleansing awakens our senses, giving us a heightened state of awareness. The aromas of the herbs burning, brings our sense of smell to a pleasant place. It encourages and assists all of our senses to open up, to be receptive to the divine spirit.

One powerful habit to grow is daily smoke cleansing. As more often than not, you are unwittingly picking up energy from others and from your own experiences in your day to day life. And if you happen to be someone who is hyper sensitive to the energies around you, as many witches tend to be, cleansing and purifying with smoke is extremely beneficial. So, whether you are new to witchcraft or experienced, every household should own a Cleansing Stick or two!

Must I always use smoke?

In life, there are situations where the burning of herbs is not an option. These can be moments such as being a guest in someone else’s home, renting or travelling. One cannot simply break out some herbs and begin burning! So I created smokeless Mist Potion Sprays which contain true plant hydrols (distilled flower water from creating essential oils) and some essential oils.
True, you are not burning herbs as is the nature with smoke cleansing. However, spraying the air and your body with one of these Mist Potion Sprays is still very powerful. The essence of sacred plants are present and they never fail to cleanse, balance and bless with their magical properties!

Many Blessings,
Sorcerous Sundries

Check out the array of incense and cleansing smoke blends HERE!

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Witches Spell Salt

Traditionally, Witches Spell Salt is a mixture of salt and charcoal.

Mixed together with herbs, ash and pepper, a witches spell salt makes for the perfect ingredient in any and all spell work.

Some witches will use salt to represent the element of earth, since it is a mineral, or some will use it to represent water, as salt comes from the sea. Some magic users will use ritual salt as an offering to their gods and goddesses.

Salt Superstitions

If someone spills the salt at dinner, it means a violent family quarrel is on the way.

In parts of northern England and Scotland it was bad luck to lend salt, as the person borrowing it can use it as a magical link to curse you.

There is also a tale that bewitched cattle will not touch salt.

If you spill salt you must throw it over your shoulder to bring you good luck and to keep evil at bay.

Common Salt Types

Pink Himalayan Salt: Used in spells to release from attachment. It has gentle, but strong grounding and centring energies and brings prosperity and abundance into a home. Promotes love, happiness, and friendship.

Black Salt: Absorbs and contains any negativity. It drives away evil and protects your home and belongings.  Hexing, Cursing, undoings, uncrossings, binding work, journeying to the afterlife, honouring the crone, and many other workings use black salt. Mix black salt with sulphur for cursing or herbs of banishing to rid the area of negativity.

Sea Salt: Sacred to water deities and used often in Sea Witchcraft. Make herbal salt scrubs. Used to consecrate. Commonly used to make magic circles. Used for protection as well as, purity, protection, purification, and blessings.

What to Use Spell/Ritual Salt for

There are many ways to use ritual or spell salts. Hide a small pouch of black salt within a room to absorb negativity. Cast protection circles with white salt or protection salt. Add a spoon of your spell salt to your floor wash for cleansing unwanted energy out. Do a salt cleanse to absorb and purify all negativity from a room. Create magical pouches with herbs and crystals to manifest your intent, like a love pouch with love ritual salt. You can even use spell salts to charge and cleanse some crystals and other magical items.

Remember!! Whatever herbs you add to the spell salt enhances the salts the intentions!

Many Blessings,
Sorcerous Sundries

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What is Samhain

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Samhain is the Witches’ New Year of course!

Many people will ask “what is Samhain?”, “is it Halloween?”, “Is Samhain celebrated down in the Southern Hemisphere?”. Let’s dive in to what it’s all about and how it works down in the south.

Samhain, is directly opposite to Beltain on the Neo Pagan/Wicca and Celtic Wheel of the Year. Think of it as Beltain’s dark twin. Pronounced “sah-win” (Depending on dialect), Samhain marks the beginning and the first of the Fire Festivals of the Traditional Celtic New Year, the most magical and most important time of the year.

So what is Samhain?

A celebration of death and rebirth, Samhain is a time of endings, reflection of mortality, and releasing that which no longer serves in the mundane world. It’s a time of new beginnings and setting our intentions to focus in a refreshed and renewed destiny.

During the season of Samhain, the veil between the world of the dead and the living is at its thinnest. Meaning, communication between worlds comes a lot easier. However, remember to always use protection magic before, and banishing magic after as you don’t want any entities hanging around.
Now, you maybe still wondering is Samhain is Halloween and the answer is… YES! Unfortunately those of us here in the Southern Hemisphere tend to get a little confused, even more so when we have children. Australians use traditional dates and those dates do not coincide with the seasons. Going Trick or Treating isn’t as spooky during October for the kids due to the sun not setting till 9.30pm. Yet, getting them to dress up and go door knocking for candy in April is just unheard of and confusing for the kids.

Because of the traditional dates and the difference in seasons, some witches will celebrate both. Samhain being for what it is, spiritual and apart of their craft and Halloween as a commercial holiday for kids and trick or treating. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, never let another tell you otherwise.

So when is it?

Traditionally, it lands on the 31st of October, in the Northern Hemisphere. In the South, however, veil is at its thinnest between April 30th and May 1st. During this time, divination, scrying and communicating with our ancestors is at its highest point.

With the veil now at it’s thinnest, we divine answers, making contact with our ancestral spirits, embracing our heritage in celebration with those who have crossed over into the spirit world. Here, in Australia, Samhain lands very close to Australia’s and New Zealand’s Day of Remembrance for our fallen in war, ANZAC Day on April 25.

What to do on Samhain

An old ancient rite tells of writing a message to our departed loved ones on a piece of paper and casting it into the cauldron’s fire. As the paper burns, your message is released and will be acknowledged by the recipient. You can also write your intentions for change, renewal and release in this same fashion.

One of the most simplest ways to communicate with those who have crossed over to the otherworld, our family and friends, is by using a pendulum or a Ouija Board. To learn more about pendulums and how to use them, head over to the Pendulum Magic page.

Other magical and enchanting things to do during this time include, craving faces into pumpkins to create lanterns or decorating your altar with apples, pomegranates and other things to call in spirits of those that have passed.

Samhain Associations

Crystals and Gemstones


  • Black
  • Orange
  • Scarlet
  • Brown
  • Gold

Herbs, Fruits and Spices:

  • Mugwort
  • Calendula or Marigold
  • Apple
  • Bay
  • Pomegranate
  • Cypress
  • Allspice
  • Mullein
  • Clove
  • Rosemary
  • Sage
  • Cedar
  • Wormwood
  • Cinnamon
  • Garlic
  • Nettle

Best time of the year!

So when it comes to Samhain, whether it be from the North or the South Hemisphere, open your minds eye to the otherworld and journey beyond the veils edge. Burn some candles, write what you want released from your life, honour your ancestors!
During this powerful time, so many questions and truths are made clear! Always remember to cleanse yourself and the home to ensure no unwanted guests remain.

Disclaimer: I am not Wiccan. I try my very best to stick to the tradition that was taught to me by family, and that is the Celtic path before the neopagans. I have adapted somethings over the years but correct seasonal representation is important to me. You do not have to follow anything written within these blogs.

Many Blessings,
Sorcerous Sundries

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Cleansing with White Sage

Bring balance back into your home

Cleansing with White Sage has become a popular way to shift the energy within an area or person, and remove the negative energy. If you do not have any white sage, don’t worry! Traditional witchcraft used herbs of rosemary and garden sage for a smoke cleanse. But this isn’t a post of the lore of White Sage, this is how to conduct a cleansing with White Sage, so lets move on!

Remember to be respectful of other cultural practices. Smudging belongs to Native Americans. So when using White Sage as your herb of choice to cleanse, you are simply doing a smoke cleanse.

Before cleansing with White Sage

I recommend you open up your house for a few minutes before cleansing with white sage. This will allow the air to flow through your home before and during your smoke cleansing. The ventilation not only prevents smoke alarms going off, but allows for the shift in energy and unwanted guests to exit from your space.

If you leave the house or room closed up, how will anything leave?

You’ll need a few items

  • White Sage (wand, loose incense or stick/cone incense)
  • Traditionally an Abalone Shell. But for this you’ll need a heat safe burning vessel such as an cast iron cauldron or ceramic pot. Always place a bit of sand on the bottom of ceramic vessels to protect the bottom.
  • Matches or a lighter

Now, down here in the Southern Hemisphere everything is the opposite of what you’ll find in books (unless written by someone in the south). So for banishing negative energy move clockwise and for bringing in good positive energy move counterclockwise. Remember this. For you are working with the energies that surround you, not against.

So let’s start with a self cleanse! I’ll be going through different cleanses using the popular White Sage wand.

Self Cleansing with White Sage

  • Light the end of your sage wand and gently blow out the flame. This will cause the sage to smoulder
  • Focus your energy on the smoke
  • Use your hand or a feather(Traditional) to direct the smoke over your body moving from your feet up to your head, then back down to the feet
  • Stay focused and concentrate on your breathing
  • Visualise the sacred smoke vanquishing all negative energies from the body

You may also incorporate a cleansing chant throughout this process. Anything you feel is needed can be incorporated when going through a smoke cleanse.

Cleansing your home with White Sage

  • Light the sage wand and begin in the eastern corner of your house
  • Cleanse each corner of your home moving in a clockwise direction
  • Focus on the corners of your home as they accumulate the most stagnant energy
  • Continue to use your hand or a feather to move the smoke around

Don’t forget about closed spaces, closets, cabinets, rooms, basements, garages, laundry rooms, etc.

At each entryway, chant your intentions of clearing negative energy and outline the doorway with the smoke
As you pass through each doorway, visualise the room protected and sealed of all negative energy
Pass the sage smoke over the edges of each window and each door as you continue to work throughout your space.
Once you have cleansed your entire home, place the sage wand in your heat resistant vessel and allow it to burn out on its own
Like candles, never put a sage wand out my force, always allow the sage to extinguish on its own
You may also choose to bury the wand(s) in your garden to complete the ritual.

Get into a regular cleansing routine

It’s a good habit to cleanse your space at the beginning of every season. This doesn’t mean you can’t cleanse more often. Cleanse yourself and space weekly, monthly, after an argument, when the family leaves the home or whenever you feel a build up of negativity. Hell, cleanse yourself after you’ve finished work for the day. We absorb so much energy in our daily lives from other people, that it is so easy to become unbalanced, a good cleanse helps bring the balance back.

So, whenever you feel a sense of unbalance or negativity, its time to hold ritual, smoke cleanse, and release that which no longer serves.

Many Blessings,
Sorcerous Sundries

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Programming Crystals

You can program crystals?

As tools for the higher consciousness, programming crystals is particularly effective. Programmed crystals vibrate in harmony with human energy, becoming powerful aids for manifesting desires. However, some refer to this process as “dedication” or “empowering”.

You can program crystals for almost anything. Such as, increasing your intuitive powers, healing, love or increasing wealth. You can even program some crystals into helping you achieve a specific goal, such as getting a new job, home or starting a family.

Think of programmed crystals as beautiful little power houses of contained magic!

Programming Crystals

Programming a crystal requires you to concentrate your own thoughts into the crystal. The energy is then directed along with your own to help you manifest your intentions. So, before programming any crystal, it is important to cleanse each crystal for your intended goal.

Then, hold the crystal in your right hand and place that hand into your left. Concentrate and visualise your intended goal, imagine it being projected into the crystal. Whisper or speak your intention on to the crystal, as the spoken word is another powerful tool. During this part, remember to to include as many details as possible. Like the date, time, year, location, names of lovers, friends or family and how much you want this goal to happen.

When you’ve completed programming your crystals, put the crystals in a pouch, purse or your pocket and keep it close by. Keeping the crystal close by, it will allow the constant vibrating energies of your goal to constantly remain active until cleansed.

Many Blessings,
Sorcerous Sundries

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Crystal Types

Does it really make that much of a difference?

When it comes to crystal types, yes it does! When you start looking at all the crystal types you may think that their shape has no meaning, no purpose and that’s where you’ll be wrong! the type of crystal plays a big role in the outcome of energy you’re looking for. Let’s jump into it!

Crystal Types

Single Terminators

The most common type of natural crystal point there is! The crystal naturally grows into a point, generally with six sides, and acts as a focus for the crystals energy. Because of this, it’s perfect for healing and amplifying energy towards a target.

Double Terminated

These are the type of crystal that have points on both ends. Naturally, much rarer than the single point crystals. Although, it’s fairly common to find double terminated crystals that have been shaped by man. Both types of crystals, natural and made, project energy from both ends, creating a unified energy field.


These are stunningly beautiful groups of varied sized crystals sharing s common base. Clusters help to create Balance and Harmony, especially in group situations, making them great for a family room or office. These are ideal for cleansing and recharging other crystals. Simply place the crystal on top of the cluster for five or more hours.

Polished Generators

These crystals are enhanced by skillful polishing and shaping of the point to create a better focus of energy flow. These crystals respond well to programming and make great focus points for crystal grids.


This type of crystal is a powerful geometric form. The crystals energy is focused on the apex, making it ideal for mediation rooms and crystal healing rooms.

Crystal Balls

Gazing into or meditating with a crystal ball helps you to recall and release the past, and perhaps see the future. Small crystal balls are great for healing massages.

Crystal Wands

Crystal wands are smooth on all sides, allowing for gentle massage and energy focus over a particular area.

So there IS something to the various types!

There most certainly is! As you can see, crystal types play a big role in energy focus. Clusters for recharging and cleansing, points and pyramids for focusing, and crystal balls to gaze in for past and future!
And if you’re looking for more crystals to add to your collection, head over to the Crystals page!

Many Blessings,
Sorcerous Sundries

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Citrine Magic

Use the power of Citrine to increase your success!

Citrine Magic is a must for any business owner as the crystal itself has the ability to attract wealth, success and abundance. Because it has such magical properties attached to it, some call it the “Merchants Stone” and works best for those who are generous with their good fortune. Try adding a Citrine crystal or two to money spells or business divination readings to gain a financial advantage!

When it comes to Citrine Magic, it is strong in bringing positive and uplifting energy to a person. And since it is full of light and warm energy, it helps with banishing any negativity and balancing out ones emotions. Because Citrine is so full of positive energy, you will find the positive energy dispels any stagnant energy that may attach self to it. Which means, no cleansing needed! however, to be on the safe side,  it is still always a good idea to cleanse any crystals before using them.



Angel: Raphael
Gods/Goddesses: Mercury, Demeter, Persephone, Sekhmet
Chakra: Solar Plexus
Element: Fire
Astrological Sign: Cancer, Leo
Planet:: Mercury
Sabbat: Lammas
Tarot: Sun


Citrine Magic

Solar Plexus, Prosperity, Abundance, Wealth, Success, Joy, Energy, Calming, Self-Esteem


Care and Cleansing

Keep out of direct sunlight as sunlight will fade it’s rich golden colour.
Always cleanse your crystals before any form of spell casting. This can be done with various purification herbs or incense.
Once the Citrine Crystal has been cleansed, recharge it by placing outside or on a window ledge where it can greet the rising sun.

Many Blessings,
Sorcerous Sundries

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Rose Quartz Magic

Rose Quartz – A must have for any empath!

Rose Quartz is a stone of love, compassion and nurturing making it a must have for any empath. This powerful and high vibrational stone promotes pure love, purifing and opening to the heart to all levels of love, friendship and deep emotional healing.

Simply holding Rose Quartz can have a calming effect on the mind, spirit and body. This will allow the holder to feel at peace, leaving them happy and full of joy. With this in mind, Rose Quartz can be an excellent gift for someone who is grieving, allowing the loving energies to dispel the negativity and replace it with all that is loving and comforting.


AssociationsTumbled Rose quartz, rose quartz magic, witchcraft, crystal magic

Angel: Ashmodiel
Gods/Goddesses: Venus, Isis, Aphrodite, Adonis
Chakra: heart
Element: water
Astrological Sign: Libra, Taurus
Planet:: Venus
Sabbat: Ostara
Tarot: Lovers


Rose Quartz Magic

Promoting Independence, Promoting Responsibility, Unconditional Love, Heart Chakra, Love in the Family, Romance, Friendship, Peace, Calming, Positive Self-Affirmations, Nurturing, Heals Emotional Wounds, Balance Emotions, Beauty, Joy and Heart Chakra.


Care and Cleansing

Keep out of direct sunlight as sunlight will fade it’s beautiful pink colour.
Always cleanse your crystals before any form of spell casting. This can be done with various purification herbs or incense.
Once your Rose Quartz has been cleansed, recharge it by placing it under the Full Moon or burying it in Earth and then rinsing with Rose Water several times.

Many Blessings,
Sorcerous Sundries

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Spell Anointing Oils Guide

Magical Oils are a witch’s best friend.

Anointing oils and their use in magic dates back centuries as they play an important role when working with a particular intent. We use these oils in sacred ritual, ceremony, initiations and to anoint almost any object to keep the magic flowing.

Most spell or anoiting oils will contain plant material, as their spirits are powerful. In magic, we are calling upon the spirits of these sacred plants to aid us in our magical workings. Use them wisely and with respect.

What to look for

Perfume oils are no good for magic as they contain synthetic substances. Synthetics contain no magic as they are not from the earth. For magic, use oils that contain natural herbs, flowers, roots, or pure essential oils and absolutes. This isn’t to say perfume oils are bad, they’re just not what you want for manifesting your intention.

The goal is to seek out the most powerful all natural oils you can find from a reputable practitioner or witchcraft supply store you trust. If you’re up to it, you can try your hand at crafting your own oils from all natural ingredients and a strong intention.

Other uses for Anointing Oils

Other objects that can be anointed are door knobs, telephones, talismans and charms, money, vehicles, the list is endless. Be creative, after all, it is your magic.

Ritual Tools can also be anointed with a spell anointing oils to heighten their power and effectiveness. You may wish to anoint the corners of your altar or dab a pentagram for protection.

Crystals are added to spell oils to create an extra boost in power. It is very important to know the structure of your crystals before using oils them. Some crystals should never come into contact with water or oil. Selenite is one of these gems!

Jewelry is a the perfect and fashionable way to carry the magic with you. Enhance the magic contained within earth’s precious minerals by anointing your gemstone jewelry and harnessing the magical energy within.

Oil Burners are a great way to allow the magical vibrations encompass your sacred space or home. Get a tealight oil burner or electric diffuser, add a few drops of your spell anointing oils or essential oils and enjoy!

Carry the magic with you!

Use an Anoiting oil to anoint the body during magical workings or ware as a perfume. When working with a specific intent its not unusual to want to carry the magic and continue manifesting your intent. Some spells and other workings take time to come to fruition. This is where you need to cast for a period of days, weeks or even months to manifest the final result.

Always test a bit on your wrist first as pure essential oils can cause a reaction on sensitive skin. This includes oils that say they’re safe!

Many Blessings,
Sorcerous Sundries

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Performing Candle Magic

Candle magic can be the most fulfilling experience when it comes to witchcraft

Performing candle magic can be as simple as making a wish and blowing out the candle.

So believe it or not, but nearly all of us have performed our first act of candle magic by making a wish and blowing out the candles with one strong blow. This birthday custom is based on the three magical principals of visualisation (end result), concentration (focus on blowing out the candles) and willpower (believing the wish comes true). Continue reading Performing Candle Magic

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Candle Magic Colours

Colour Magic is a powerful tool for candle magic

Colours play a big role when it comes to candle magic. The colours of a candle help focus the spellweavers magic and attract the magical energy of that intent.

Example, you want to attract more money into your life. You think of $100 notes which is the colour green, you use a green candle. However, you may also think of bars of gold, which in turn, requires a gold coloured candle. These little thoughts are what help focus the spellcaster and concentrate on their spell.

The colour of a candle is important to a spell, however, if you don’t have the right coloured candle, use a white candle as it contains all colours.

This guide doesn’t follow the wiccan traditions. These are the colours that resonate with me and what my family has practiced for generations, with some changes (sorry Nan!).

Like all guides, it is just that, a guide! You do not have to follow the this, or any other guide. Find what colour rings true to your purpose, focus on that and weave the greatest of magic.

Candle Magic Colours

These are the quick magical properties of each coloured candle!

WHITE: All Purpose, Purity, Truth, Cleansing, Protection (deflective), Sincerity, Full Moon Magic and Blessings

RED: Strength, Health, Vigor, Lust, Sex, Passion, Courage, Male Fertility, Element Fire and Independence

BLACK: Binding, Night magic, Reverse magic, Scrying, Banishing, Absorbing and Destroying Negativity, Removes Discord, Confusion, Hexes, Curses and Addictions

GREY: Balance, Psychic Power and Neutrality

BROWN: Animal Magic, Home, Earth, Grounding, Stability, Construction and Material Goods

PINK: Love, Honor, Friendship, Nurture, Compassion, Protection of Children, Partnership and Self Emotional Healing

PURPLE: Insight, Royalty, Communication, Psychic Ability, Ancient Wisdom, Divine Power, Spiritual Awareness, Meditation and Intuition

GREEN: Finances, Money, Fertility, Prosperity, Growth, Luck, Employment, Rejuvination, Element Earth and Abundance

YELLOW: Intellect, Atrraction, Study, Persuasion, Confidence, Memory, Sun, Concentration, Joy and Element Air

ORANGE: Adaptability, Stimulation, Fast Change, Creativity, Inspiration, Legal Matters, Focus, Opportunity and Will Power

BLUE: Healing, Tranquility, Happiness, Patience, Element Water, Change, Flexiblity, Subconscious Mind, Comfort and Dreaming

GOLD: Male Energy, Sun, Great Fortune, Luxury, Fast Luck, Concious Mind and Achievement

SILVER: Female Energy, Moon, Unconcious Mind, Values, Clairvoyance and Astral Travel

Candle Colours for Days of the Week

Monday: WHITE
Tuesday: RED
Wednesday: PURPLE
Thursday: BLUE
Friday: GREEN
Saturday: BLACK
Sunday: YELLOW

Astral Candle Colours

Aquarius: BLUE (primary), Green (secondary)
Pisces: WHITE (primary), Green (secondary)
Aries: RED (primary), Pink (secondary)
Taurus: GREEN (primary), Yellow (secondary)
Gemini: YELLOW (primary), Blue (secondary)
Cancer: WHITE (primary), Brown (secondary)
Leo: GOLD (primary), Orange (secondary)
Virgo: GREY (primary), Black (secondary)
Libra: BLUE (primary), Black (secondary)
Scorpio: BLACK (primary), BROWN (secondary)
Sagittarius: BLUE (primary), Red (secondary)
Capricorn: RED (primary), Brown (secondary)

For a candle spell to be effective, choosing the right colour plays a big role combined with your own magic. And remember, a spell is only as powerful as your own intent!

Many Blessings,
Sorcerous Sundries

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