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Lunar Eclipse May

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It’s a Super Blood Moon!

lunar eclipse, australian witchcraft blog, adelaide witchcraft store, witchcraft shop, pagan supplies, pagan blog australia, blood moon mayUsually I try to stay away from writing about the Moon mother and all Lunar eclipse talk but not this time. Over the last two years I have noticed a massive interest in Moon watching, which is great, as long as the information is correct. However, for whatever reason, this Lunar eclipse has sent the media mad. SUPER FLOWER BLOOD MOON! FULL BLOOD FLOWER SUPER MOON! and many other odd, yet catchy titles.

While this May’s Moon is indeed a Super Moon and a “Blood” Moon it is not a Flower Moon (here in Australia)

What’s a Flower Moon?

The Flower Moon is a name for a Moon month that is dedicated to a Spring month. Up in the Northern Hemisphere it’s Spring, so for them, YES it is a Super Flower Blood Moon. But for us down here in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s (for me) the Frost Moon, or SUPER FROST BLOOD MOON MEGA BONAZA- and whatever else the media wants to throw at you.

The reason for the name of Flower Moon is from all the flowers popping up in Spring. This Moon during this time has many names depending on culture and region. Since I don’t live in the Northern Hemisphere and Winter is coming, it’s pretty frosty during this time in Adelaide. And so, the Moon is Frost Moon.

A Super Moon

No, the Super Moon title isn’t made up by the media, it’s a real thing. It’s where either the Full Moon or New Moon is closest to the earth and appearing roughly 14% bigger and brighter! Seriously, go outside, and hope the clouds aren’t blocking your view, and take a good look at the Moon. Write down your observations, if it’s a clear night, how bright the light is and if it’s effecting your garden or self!

But anyway, I won’t fully dive into what a Super Moon is all about as this is just a quick overview.

Lunar Eclipse?

That’s right, a good ol Lunar eclipse is happening tonight with it lasting almost three hours! Now, a Lunar eclipse only happens during a Full Moon and when the Sun and Moon are opposite each other. The Earth then has to pass between the Sun and the Moon causing a partial or full blockage of the Sun’s rays. This then causes the Moon to darken, a dark side of the Moon?

Unlike a Solar eclipse, you can gaze upon this wonderful event without any special equipment or protection! Just, maybe take a torch of some sort so you don’t fall over anything in the dark.

A Blood Moon?

Yes, a Blood Moon is a real thing and no, it’s not some big scary evil thing that’s going to open a gate way to… No seriously, it’s not the end times. A Blood Moon occurs during a fully eclipsed Full Moon and sort of turns it red, sometimes brownish. It’s why it ends up being called a Blood Moon. There’s also tales, or lore, in the Bible that specifies that a Blood Moon is only a Blood Moon when the sky is red and the air is full of smoke. That whole thing is where the “evil” of the Blood Moon came from and people just rolled with it.

Like the rest, I won’t go into full detail about a Blood Moon here as there’s many things that can be said about this Moon and it’s magic. So back to the Lunar eclipse magic of May!

May’s Moon Magic

Some believe that a Super Blood Moon combines the magic of the New Moon and the Full Moon, and that only positive things can come of it. I don’t believe this and take this form of mentality like all the “love and light” mantras people spew.

This Moon is in Sagittarius with a Mercury hitting retrograde on Sunday the 30th. You will read that this Moon is good for letting go, loving yourself, changing your mentality, setting yourself free, basically all things positive. I mean, sure, go for it as the magic is still there but you can kinda do that with any Full Moon and in Sagittarius. Yet, the Moon loses it’s rays for around 3 hours with 14 minutes being completely shadowed. And if you’re into Sidereal Astrology, the Moon is in Scorpio at this time, so this brings on a whole different amount of energy. On another note, this Moon just so happens to land on National Sorry Day here in Australia which (should) brings a deeper energy shift.

Go Away Clouds!

Hopefully it’s not too cloudy where you are for the eclipse. But, even then, the night sky should glow a tinge of brick red! This is going to be one excellent Moon to observe and in perfect timing for the Frost and slow down season. Take your crystals, herbs and candles out for charging! Bring a journal, some water, Jasmine, Wormwood and Palo Santo for tonight. Focus on transmuting and transforming, be true to yourself about how you see others and give back to the land.

Don’t forget to make Moon/Luna Water as the energy contained within will be potent!

Many Blessings,
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