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About, australian witchcraft, australian witchcraft blogLet the Faeries into your garden, read the stars, see the Moon for how powerful it is and embrace your true calling. Here you’ll forever find a myriad of homegrown botanicals, handmade magical potions, candles, soaps, bewitching spells and charms. Keeping homegrown and handmade in mind, all items within this little shop are made in small batches and tend to be seasonal. This way you get to have high quality magical tools and herbs delivered to you with love and care.

The Witch’s Past

A witch by birth; I love creating, crafting and weaving magic. I enjoy experimenting with new mediums whenever possible, that’s why you’ll always find a myriad of handmade items in this little shop.

Ever since I was a child, I had (and still have) a fascination with odd looking glass bottles. My Nan, an Irish witch, would tell me all about the Fae, the plants and the magic within her garden. This led me to ripping bits of Rosemary off an plopping it into rain water in my fancy new potion bottle. I could never figure out why the water wouldn’t smell like the Rosemary and then why it would go mouldy a week later.

As I got older, my brother, cousin and I would dress up in cloaks (old curtains) and run around with sticks pretending to be spell casters and adventures from the games we play. I, of course, had the potion shop (or whisky bar if we were playing cowboys). I honestly never thought that my childhood dream could become reality!

About the Witch

This practice, this path, started with my maternal side. As the years go on, I have walked a lot of paths. I believe have a firm grasp on what’s important to me with the mundane and with the magical. Through magic, I can heal, transform, transmute and manifest with balance and care. Through the mundane, I can care for my family, grow nutritious foods and herbs and live a full, tranquil life. And yes, I still mix potions in fancy bottles and medieval looking things.

With this in mind, I am a Witch. I do not believe in karma, or the Wiccan rule of return. My offerings are my magic and in turn, reflect what path I walk. Balance is key, along with great respect for the Unseen, and I wish to share what I know with everyone who is sincerely seeking magical strength.

– Alana, the Sorcerous Sundries Witch

Painting by Jessica Shaw – Circle of Wolves

Watch Your Wish Unfold

You don’t have to be a Witch, a Pagan, Wiccan or believer in magic to enjoy the magical offerings within this little shop. These magical offerings are here for everyone to embrace and enjoy, as I believe in making everyone feel welcome, no matter if you’re just beginning or have an advanced level of knowledge.

In saying that, if you are unsure on where to begin, have a browse through the various articles about the craft from the Blog Page. Alternatively, sing up to a monthly membership or subscription box for more in depth lessons.

Many Blessings,
Sorcerous Sundries

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