FREE shipping on all orders over $150 within Australia

FREE shipping on all orders over $150 within Australia

Beltaine Shop Update

A bit of a slow down!

This isn’t exactly an update of items in the shop on Beltaine but more of an update of what’s happening and an announcement that is perfect for Beltaine.

So, you may have noticed that things have been a bit quiet around here and on social media. First it was all the fairs, then old customers taking “heavy inspiration” of items they purchased here and selling them, and then the passing of a good friend. Oh, and then there were some more health issues. But this time, the slow down is going to last a little longer as I am pregnant! I’ve had many failures and it wasn’t that long ago that I had emergency surgery for an ectopic. After the ectopic I decided it was time to focus my energy on creating life, cast a spell for fertility and crafted a spell bag (a blog will go up later). And it worked, but maybe it worked a little too fast as the pregnancy was within under six weeks of the emergency surgery.

Because of the quickness, this pregnancy is difficult. From excruciating pain, to extreme “baby brain” and now it’s just nausea 24/7 with herbal and modern medicines making it worse. Though, today I did find that simply munching on celery with some Philadelphia cheese calmed it down a little. Small steps I guess! But this does mean that my energy is a little drained.

What Does this Mean?

Well, for starters, social media is going to be quieter than usual, it also means that there will be no physical store. Items will be restocked slower and there will be no big updates, with some items being removed all together.
There will also be no monthly herb box and new items won’t be popping into the online store any time soon. But it’s not all bad because a witch’s magic never fades!

However, we (husband and I) are building a secondary building in the backyard. I will be hiring one or two staff members to help out with packing, social media and adding their own magic to this little shop. Because as much as I like doing this on my own, it’s no longer possible.

What to Expect

All items will slowly be restocked. However, custom items like spells and tarot reads will be limited or removed entirely. Currently all energy is focused on growing the family, monthly memberships and the monthly spell box.

Hopefully with the secondary building on the property, the shop will continue to run smoothly and the new magic will be great to experience!

If you are interested in an item that’s out of stock, add your email to the notification field under the item. This way you receive an email as soon as that item is back in stock!

Enjoy your Beltaine celebrations!

So while this isn’t the biggest shop update of the year, I thought Beltaine was the perfect time to announce the big news with everyone and why things have been quiet everywhere. I also hope this little update wasn’t too messy as my brain just isn’t working the way it usually does. So I am terribly sorry if this whole blog is a jumbled mess.

I hope everyone enjoys their Beltaine celebration (or Halloween and Samhain) on this wonderful day!
Stay Safe.

Many Blessings,
Sorcerous Sundries

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