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Barossa Medieval Fair

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More medieval fairs!

Barossa Medieval Fair 2021, australian witchcraft supplies, australian pagan supplies, adelaide witchcraft storeThe Barossa Medieval Fair of 2021 is over, but not forgotten! Earlier this year we attended the Gumeracha Medieval Fair for the first time. This month, there was another medieval fair up at Barossa and the weather couldn’t have been better! This years fair weekend weather was looking a little grim. Raining and wind all day with a top of 12c. But it flipped around, with sun and shine and was a top of 22c! I like to believe that my wonderful friend, the spice alchemist, held the bad weather off for everyone to have a good time. And a good time it was!

What to Expect

Most of the time you will find teas, incense, mists, perfumes, spell oils and soaps. Unfortunately, some of the medieval fairs do not allow the sale of scented candles at all, regardless of them being soy or not. From now on, when this is the case, non scented candles like the rolled beeswax and large pillar candles will be available.

For those of you who have attended either the Gumeracha or Barossa medieval fair, you will know there is always a discount or an exclusive to be found!

The Shop Suffers

When it comes to any type of fair, the online shop suffers. Things won’t be restocked for awhile as all magic is woven for the fair. Once the fair is done, all focus goes towards the subscription box and restocking!

Unfortunately, this time around, the restock and stock take took a little longer. Sometimes life throws you a massive curve ball and you just have to deal with it as best as you can. In saying that, there will be a big restock soon and maybe one last fair for the year.

Medieval fairs forever!

There’s a big difference in attending the fair as a punter and being a merchant. While we don’t get to chill out at the fair and take out time as a merchant, it’s different and more exciting. I was worried I wouldn’t enjoy the medieval fair as much while being a merchant but I won’t be going back to being a punter any time soon. Sorcerous Sundries plans to attend the as many medieval fairs as possible and always attend the Gumeracha Medieval Fair, Barossa Medieval Fair and the SA Viking festival down at Victor Harbor!

So if you enjoyed having a bit of chat at the Barossa medieval fair, come see us again at this years SA Viking festival down at Victor Harbor!

Many Blessings,
Sorcerous Sundries

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